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Four Ways to Slash Expenses with a VoIP Phone System

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Four Ways to Slash Expenses with a VoIP Phone System

You may control costs, but did you know that a VoIP phone system >can be a powerful tool for improving your small business’s bottom line? Here are four ways a VoIP phone system can help you slash expenses with your telephone system.

  1. Call recording – Many VoIP phone systems offer a call recording feature, which allows you to record your phone calls and conversations and save them for later use. It can be an important learning tool for improving employee performance and increasing conversion rates. You can identify exactly what it takes to make prospects become paying customers.
  2. Auto-attendants – The auto-attendant feature can be your best friend. In addition to helping your company establish a professional image and dramatically improving your customer experience, it completely eliminates the need to hire a full time receptionist.
  3. Disaster preparedness – If your business telephone system is based on hosted VoIP, you can rest assured knowing that your VoIP phone system is backed up and will be operational even in the midst of a disaster. So whether it’s a blizzard, flood, fire, storm or other disaster plaguing your small business, you and your employees will have the remote access solutions you need to continue being productive.
  4. International and long distance calls – With VoIP technology, you can access your business phone system from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. VoIP subscribers can save your business hundreds of dollars in a typical week when compared to worldwide roaming plans. So if your business requires you to make frequent long distance calls, consider a VoIP phone system to help you cut down on the cost.

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