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Be a Work From Home Receptionist: 4 Tips

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Be a Work From Home Receptionist: 4 Tips

*This topic is among a list which have received increased attention recently for those looking for remote work solutions →

work at home receptionistWant to become a work from home receptionist? Home based jobs like these are on the rise thanks to the increase in hosted telecommunications that allow businesses to have employees who work remotely.

Landing a cushy virtual receptionist job, however, isn’t as simple as knowing how to transfer calls. Being a work from home receptionist means being reliable, efficient, and self-motivated enough to keep yourself on task.

Today’s blog will share our personal experience with digital nomads — nearly all the VirtualPBX workforce is virtual — and offer four tips that can help you land a work from home receptionist position.

How to Become a Work From Home Receptionist

Our experience with remote work comes both from the nature of VirtualPBX staff and from customers who use our Business Phone Plans. We’ve developed our phone system for more than 20 years, so we’ve seen what does and doesn’t work for most companies when they try to hire for their work from home receptionists. The following advice comes from what we’ve seen work for others in the remote hiring process.

  • Ensure That You Can Maintain a Professional Image at Home One of the first things that gets lost in the mix when people consider working from home is that you still need to project professionalism for your employer. Being an at home receptionist often times includes video conferencing with inbound callers as well as fielding phone calls, so designing the ideal home office with a separate space that is conducive to healthy productivity is as important as not rolling out of bed and right into your desk chair.
  • Remember Business Telephone Etiquette Even if you design the ideal home office, an at home receptionist job can be difficult to keep the lines drawn between any commotion going on in the home and the conversations you’ll have with customers. Remember to keep the background noise to an absolute minimum and always follow these steps on good telephone etiquette to make sure you’re keeping your callers, and employers, happy.
  • Respect Your Working Hours Another way that some people can stumble in their search for the ideal at home receptionist job is by failing to respect the hours of operation. Though certainly some flexibility is afforded to at home workers, drawing and enforcing healthy boundaries about your working hours is just as important for at home employees as it is for those who visit an office everyday.
  • Ensure That Your Home Office Can Support Remote Work Honestly, most employers will provide the technical assistance necessary to establish the workstations for their at home receptionists, but it’s always good to review your own tech thresholds, too. Competing for an at home receptionist job won’t hinge on being able to say your home meets all the network requirements for VoIP, but it’s definitely going to make you an more attractive candidate.

Let Us Know How Your Search Goes

Hopefully these tips will help you land the work from home receptionist job of your dreams. We’d appreciate hearing your success stories on our Twitter and Facebook social media channels. And if you do end up using a VirtualPBX Plan as part of your work from home experience, that would be an additional treat.

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