Phone Etiquette: 5 Steps to Better Call Transfers

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Phone Etiquette: 5 Steps to Better Call Transfers

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The importance of proper business phone etiquette cannot be stressed enough, as it can leave either a positive or a negative impression on your callers and potential customers.

The way you treat callers on the phone reflects directly upon the image your business portrays. Put in the extra effort to be polite and you will ensure that your customer feels valued. With advanced features from VirtualPBX you can rest assured that your business phone system won’t get in the way of proper phone etiquette and a smooth customer service experience.

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5 Steps To Professionally Transfer A Phone Call For Good Phone Etiquette

  1. Give the caller your information before transferring the call.

    It’s important that the caller has access to your information in case of a dropped call or disconnection. This will also make the caller feel important — knowing that while you couldn’t help them further, you are personally concerned about their situation.

  2. Ask the caller for permission to initiate the transfer.

    Asking a customer for permission to transfer their call gives them the opportunity to ask any additional questions. This aspect of phone etiquette gives customers a sense of control over the situation.

  3. Speak to the party whom the caller is being transferred to first.

    Speaking to the next party to relieves the caller from having to re-explain their situation. It will also give the other person time to prepare for the call. Now is also the time to pass any “insider” information that might expedite the situation.

  4. Introduce the caller to the individual or department you are transferring them to.

    First, make the introduction to the new contact. Next, ask if there is anything else you can do to help the caller, and thank them for their patience.

  5. Explain to the caller why their call needs to be transferred.
    Whether they’ve reached the wrong person or department, or you simply do not have the resources or authority to answer their questions, be sure to explain why you must transfer them.

Treating your customers right over the phone is just as important as how you treat them in person. Using proper phone etiquette during a phone call can solidify a business relationship.

VirtualPBX offers Advanced Transfers to ensure that all the tools you need for successful call transferring are at your fingertips. You can transfer calls to anywhere in the system, whether it’s to another employee, the operator, an outside number, or an ACD queue.

Call VirtualPBX today at 888-825-0800 to learn more about our Call Routing features. Or view our award-winning Dash plans and pricing here.

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