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What Exactly is a Softphone?

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What Exactly is a Softphone?

*This topic is among a list which have received increased attention recently for those looking for remote work solutions →

What is a softphone?What is a softphone? A softphone is the software-based equivalent to your business desk phone or your personal smartphone. It can send and receive calls on any hardware device that can run the software.

Your softphone, whether it runs on your desktop or smartphone, will use a data connection to reach your voice service provider. In the case of VirtualPBX, our softphone connects directly to our Business Phone Plans so you can make calls from your phone number or extension that is associated with your account. You can use mobile data, WiFi, or a direct internet connection to dial outbound or receive calls inbound.

You open it the same way you would open any other program. Once you double-click or tap the icon to load the program, you can use the mouse or touchscreen to dial a number. You can speak through the softphone like you would normally on your smartphone or through a headset that’s connected to your computer.

Softphones typically provide extra features like a Recent Calls list, an Address Book, and buttons for volume control and initiating or closing a call. You may also see integrations with other software, such as the Salesforce CRM Integration available on the VirtualPBX Softphone.

Benefits of the VirtualPBX Softphone

Runs on Most Phones and Computers

What is a softphone? It’s a software-based phone that runs many types of devices. You can run the VirtualPBX Softphone App on your iOS and Android smartphones or your Mac or Windows 8 and 10 desktops. As long as you have a data connection, there’s no place you can’t remain connected to your Dash Business Phone System.

Tons of Included Features

All standard VirtualPBX features that are available to a VoIP extension are available on the VirtualPBX Softphone. Take advantage of Call Recording, Conferencing, Ring Groups, Direct Inward Dialing, and ACD Queues Pro like you would at your office desk. All softphone calls are also included in your VirtualPBX call logs, so you’ll always have accurate records.

Perfect for Telecommuters

If your business requires that you travel, you can take the VirtualPBX Softphone along for the day. Your remote employees can also continue to use their personal smartphones at home and use our app for all their business work.

All calls employees make from the softphone will appear with the company phone number, so your employees’ can protect their personal privacy and you can maintain your business image.

Little to No Cost

Our Dash plans include the VirtualPBX Softphone smartphone app at no charge, and the VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone is available for a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone. Your Softphone minutes draw from your pool of minutes on your as part of your Dash plan.

What is a Softphone to Your Business?

It’s what you can use to support your business when you’re working a tight budget. It’s your link to remote employees. And it’s your secure line to the Dash phone system when you’re traveling.

Altogether, this feature can work wonders for companies that need a less expensive, more versatile alternative to traditional desk phones.

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