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Start Your Online Consulting Business With Only 500 Calling Minutes

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Start Your Online Consulting Business With Only 500 Calling Minutes

Business Conversation - Start Your Own Online Consulting BusinessYou can make headway today in starting your own consulting business on the side. All you need is 500 nationwide calling minutes from VirtualPBX.

500 minutes is how much you receive when you sign up for the VirtualPBX 500 Unlimited User Plan. It provides you with a number of professional features like a Business Phone Number and Call Forwarding. And more than anything, it gives your consulting business a necessary outlet for reaching your clients.

Armed with your knowledge of a specific market, you can complete a lot of calls with that amount of air time. Let’s see how a Business Phone Plan can meet the criteria for your consulting business checklist.

Make Calls From Anywhere With Web Phone

VirtualPBX Web PhoneOne of the most important elements of our Unlimited User Plans is their inclusion of the VirtualPBX Web Phone.

You can use Web Phone to make calls from anywhere you have a data connection. It runs in the web browser of your computer and phone, and gives you instant access to your growing address book.

As your consulting business increases in popularity, one-click selections of important contacts and access to your call history and voicemail will be essential. Your follow-up calls to clients will play a key role in your hustle, so Web Phone will certainly become a staple of your daily activity.

Inbound Calls Through Call Forwarding

VirtualPBX Call Forwarding MenuFor all its power, you may still wish to accept inbound calls from outside Web Phone. This is where Call Forwarding will become your ally.

Prospective customers will begin to see your advertisements and hear about your services through word-of-mouth. Their outreach to you will take a different path than your cold calls to them. Specifically, you’ll want to set your Automated Attendant with a custom greeting so clients know exactly who they’re reaching.

Then calls can be directed to your personal smartphone through Call Forwarding. You can use this exclusively or in tandem with Web Phone as your primary device. The flexibility of Call Forwarding + Web Phone lets you start a consulting business on the right foot because you can place and accept calls on your own terms.

Start a Consulting Business the Right Way

Don’t let your talents go to waste. You know you already have the specific knowledge necessary to help others grow in their own markets.

Now, with a VirtualPBX Phone Plan, you can spread the message of your own business and keep in touch with all your clients. For a consulting business, the conversations never end, since that’s mostly the service you’re selling. We can start you with 500 minutes you can use to hit the ground running; then if it’s ever time to upgrade to something more, we’ll be here for that too.

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