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Text Your Arrival

Curbside Pickup with VirtualText

When the pandemic hit, a curbside pickup was a shopping convenience that became a lifeline to consumers. As “click-and-collect” growth boomed in unison, curbside pickup orders rose to 190% in North America alone. Though the height of the pandemic has subsided, some companies have seen the safety and benefits of this service. And it’s here to stay. At VirtualPBX, we paid attention to and listened to our customers, bringing us another advantage of our new VirtualText App- VirtualText Curbside Notifications.

VirtualText: Curbside Notifications

We rely more and more on text messaging as our preferred communication tool. Think about how many times a day you check your phone or use it to conduct business communications. With VirtualText App, we have made giving and receiving text messages with customers even better. So, of course, we have to talk about another text benefit of using curbside pickup notifications.

VirtualText App

Curbside pickup can make online ordering more accessible and more efficient. If you are a local business that can offer curbside pickup, this will go a long way to broaden your customer outreach and satisfaction. That, and you are saving customers on shipping costs. There is a lot to process, but VirtualText’s curbside notifications are not hard to use, and our teams made sure of it. As we mentioned in our VirtualText announcement last week, VirtualText App will provide a simple and easy platform to navigate your business texting needs.

Curbside Pickup Text Messaging

Your Order is Ready

You might have questions about how this works. Like our appointment reminders, VirtualText will allow you to sync your messages across multiple devices. Another perk, you can invite users to help manage your messages from the main number, creating canned responses to trigger when a customer arrives at their designated area to pick up their purchase. 

For example, when a customer’s order is ready, you send a message to let them know their pickup options. “Hello! Thank you for shopping with us! Your order #56HG789 is ready for curbside pickup. Please text ARRIVAL when you park, and an associate will be out with you shortly. Thank you!” They text the keyword canned response when they park, which immediately automates a notification to you. Employee delivers the order to their vehicle. Rinse, and repeat. 

Curbside Wrap-up

Being able to pick up your purchases without leaving the vehicle -yes, please. I am a big fan of it personally. It is such a great resource for time management, but it also alleviates the headaches of shopping in person and worrying about safety protocols. Especially around the holidays – shudder. According to a report by National Retail Federation, nearly half of consumers have tried curbside pickup, and 81% of consumers want to try it. If you are in that 81%, do it. I highly recommend it. And if you are a business owner, VirtualText will help you take the customer experience to the next level. 

Discover more about the early release access of VirtualText today.

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