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How a PBX System for Small Business Fits Your Organization

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How a PBX System for Small Business Fits Your Organization

Business Meeting - See How a PBX System for Small Business Fits Your OrganizationIf you’re a business owner, you’ve probably heard the maxim that your product development, outreach, pricing – everything – should be specific. If you generalize, you miss the mark. We’ve heard it too, which is why we created a PBX system for small businesses that caters purposefully to that market.

To be clear, we have a number of plans for businesses to choose from. Our Essentials Plan (part of our Unlimited Minutes group of plans) and our entire collection of Unlimited Users Plans could easily be renamed to “Small Business” for their fit.

They all come with a large collection of included features while paring away the enterprise features not geared for small businesses. This balance is what keeps the plans focused and specific. Let’s take a look at them both and what makes these plans great as a PBX system for small businesses.

VirtualPBX Essentials Plan TableVirtualPBX Essentials Plan

The Essentials name, in its Unlimited Minutes Plans grouping, speaks volumes about what this pbx system for small businesses offers.

Like all of our phone plans, it includes features like Automated Attendant to route inbound calls, individual extensions and Voicemail for every user on your system, and Ring Groups to manage groups of users on your system.

What is also does it offer you unlimited local calling minutes for your employees. Whether you’re a sole entrepreneur or a group of 10 close-knit partners, everyone can make as many calls as they need within the contiguous U.S. without worrying about minutes per month.

Additionally, you are given five phone numbers, local or toll-free, when you sign up. These numbers can be new or easily transferred from your previous phone provider.

VirtualPBX Unlimited Users Plans

Our Unlimited Users Plans take a different approach. Their subscriptions begin at only $10 per month and, depending on the plan, allot 300, 500, and 1000 calling minutes every month.

Each plan here also comes with the included features mentioned above. You gain two phone numbers when you sign up, and have immediate access to our Web Phone to begin completing and receiving calls on any device.

These plans make their mark with businesses that don’t have large call volumes: Entrepreneurs who are just getting started. Small businesses that want a supplementary service to their web chat. Organizations who want a simple Call Forwarding setup.

PBX System for Small Business Commonalities

What all small businesses seek are phone plans that work well without a bunch of fluff. Simplicity and affordability are the name of the game.

All our plans are upgradable to include enterprise features like AWS External Storage and Advanced Call Reports. You can jump from our 300 to 1000 plan at any time, or switch from our 500 Plan to our Advanced or Enterprise plans if it suits your needs. These type of jumps can grant you enterprise features; they’re always waiting in the wings. Best yet, all changes can be made immediately with a quick email or phone call.

If you haven’t yet decided on a pbx system for your small business, start a chat right now to talk more about how we can help your organization get started.

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