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Small Business VoIP

Small Business VoIP defines a class of VoIP solutions suitable for small companies. While some vendors allow this to mean minimal feature sets, reduced quality, or mediocre support, we disagree. We believe that your VoIP phone system for small business should include all of the features and capabilities offered to bigger companies.

As a result, VoIP systems for small business and enterprise are one and the same at VirtualPBX. This means even smaller businesses and solo-preneurs get access to pro-level features. We even include 24/7 support for all customers.

VirtualPBX Small Business VoIP

VirtualPBX small business VoIP solutions come with all the features and capabilities of our high-end VoIP phone system. As one of the first hosted PBX providers, we’ve been enhancing our service for over 20 years and offer the deepest feature set in the market. Our expansive history also means that we have had the opportunity to accommodate a wide range of business types. This includes franchises, government and campaign offices, remote workers, call centers, sales organizations, one-person shops, multiple location enterprises, and all VoIP solutions for small businesses in-between.

VirtualPBX Caters to the Needs of Small Businesses

Small business VoIP needs are certainly similar to the needs of larger businesses. The ability to make and receive calls over the internet, handle voicemail, forward calls, set up auto-attendant greetings, and music on hold, for example. Beyond that, a good provider, such as VirtualPBX, will include customer support and handle advanced features. These next level features include voice and video conferencing, call recording, call center queues, live dashboards, and integrations. Furthermore, these features need to be available for employees located in the office or working from a distance. VoIP solutions for small business must allow the use of VoIP at home or in branch offices, cell phones, and landlines.

small business voip (voip solutions for small business)
Steven Pivnik

VirtualPBX has allowed my company to easily expand into remote locations and start offering telecommuting options to my employees. Customers continue to call the same number and the departments are easily reachable.

Benjamin McCoy

VirtualPBX has made setting up my account very easy, and having 24/7 support I can have many of my issues resolved in a matter of minutes. I am happy that I switched my business to VirtualPBX, we save money, and have better features. I would recommend VirtualPBX to anyone.

Marcus Scott

Running a small business is hard enough. I don’t want to worry about a complicated phone system, too. VirtualPBX makes setup easy and the support that I received was terrific. Highly recommend VirtualPBX for your communication needs!