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PBX System

The building block of modern business communication is a good PBX system. The concept of a Private Branch eXchange (PBX) is as old as telephone switchboards, when live operators would connect incoming callers to the phone they were trying to reach by moving the physical wires. Obviously, technology has advanced a great deal since then. While every PBX system pursues the basic job of connecting a group of callers ringing a single number to a group of phones that number connects to, not all PBX systems for business phones are equal.

A Hosted PBX System

Standard technological advancement first moved from switchboards to an automatic PBX system, and the modern version of that includes an automated attendant, a recorded voice instructing callers to press buttons on their phones to reach the correct extension. These are still complex pieces of technology, requiring a dedicated professional to service and maintain, and can be very expensive for a fully featured version.

VirtualPBX then revolutionized that PBX system for business phones by maintaining a full suite of some of the most advanced hardware and software in the industry, and routing calls on the behalf of its clients. By allowing customers access a PBX system that hosted and provided by someone else, companies are able to get all the features and benefits of cutting-edge phone technology without having to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on a piece of technology that is unable to change and grow as their business or phone technology advances.

While many other companies have tried to copy the technology and business plan that have made VirtualPBX systems so successful, no one has been able to equal the quality, feature set, and reliability of the original. With all the features that could be expected from a call center PBX and a 99.999% uptime, businesses can get a full-featured PBX system hosted through VirtualPBX, reducing costs by 15-50% and increasing their flexibility by moving away from on-site hardware.

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