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FEATURE SPOTLIGHT : Voicemail Interrupt

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FEATURE SPOTLIGHT : Voicemail Interrupt

In the days of the answering machine, you could always count on listening to the message as it was being recorded and then pick up your phone if you felt compelled to actually speak to that person. With VirtualPBX’s “Voicemail Interrupt” feature, we give you the same option, AND we make it easy!

When you get a virtual PBX call, you receive a Call Preview Detail message instructing you as follows:

To accept the call, press #

To send the caller to voicemail and silently screen the caller’s message, press *. To reconnect to the caller, press #

If you press * to send the caller to voicemail, simply wait on the line to hear your caller’s message as they’re recording it. If you decide you want to take the call, press the # key to interrupt the voicemail and connect to the caller. That’s it! Otherwise, hang up your phone and listen to your caller’s full voicemail later, at your convenience, after you finish up that 1-putt for birdie on the 18th.

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