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“Your Call Is Important To Us”

VirtualPBX ACD Queues Pro: a virtual PBX feature

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“Your Call Is Important To Us”

Understanding Call Queues Meaning

Call Queues MeaningWe have all been here: “Your call is important to us. Please hold for the next available representative.” This is followed by standard on-hold music as we wait patiently (or sometimes impatiently) to speak to a live business rep. Understanding call queues meaning is essential to improving the callers’ experience.

And for most companies, that means you are part of a Automatic Call Distribution (ACD). This feature helps hold and distribute calls among call representatives or employees for businesses that handle a large call volume. But businesses need to have a modern solution that unifies the customer experience across an organization, giving leaders critical and essential data points on the experience. And that is where ACD Queues Pro steps in as a must-have benefit to your business phone plan.

Time to Go ACD Queue Pro

For a business, the neat thing about ACD Queues is that it allows you to monitor essential call metrics like call volume, wait times, and agent performance. But let me tell you how we can level that game up a notch with ACD Queues Pro. Pro takes your average queue management system to the next degree of efficiency so you can scale your business as quickly as you need to without losing customer retention.

Power Up Call Queues Meaning

ACD Queues Pro is your “right-hand man” when it comes to both scaling and managing your business. The simplistic and easy-to-navigate interface allows both agents and admins to build a platform for success. Admins create the queues they need, add agents, drag-and-drop them into their respective queue flow, and even create an Auto Attendant for convenience. Having ACD Queue Pro is like getting the powers of Superman when it comes to effectively setting up and managing your system.

About that ACD Queues Pro System

As an admin watching over all that is good and wonderful with ACD Queue Pro, you get to see calls live as they enter the line, who picks up, and how long the call lasts. You even get to Eavesdrop, Whisper, or Barge into the conversation. No worries, this doesn’t mean you are becoming the nosy next-door neighbor.

Understanding call queues meaning and a caller’s initial experience is a great starting place, but those three benefits allow you to help support, motivate, and train call reps on an existing call. They enable you to tap into a phone call with your representative to guide them on how to handle a call without the customer hearing, or as an admin, you can join the phone call to speak with the customer as a three-way phone call.

Reporting for Duty

One of the more impressive and handy benefits to ACD Queues Pro is the Performance Report. Watch that bad boy in real-time because it generates live performance reports for each agent in every queue in your contact center system. For example, you might have one queue each for two different products your customer service staff addresses. Don’t sweat it because your Performance Reports will have access to them both.

The ACD Queues Pro feature gives ease of use and balance of power. It turns any VirtualPBX Business Phone Plan into a complete call center software management platform. Understanding the call queues meaning provides tools that no admin, team lead, or call center manager can do without, all the while helping improve the performance of the business and your agents. Pssst. You can get a free demo if you aren’t sure, and that right there is worth the price of admission.

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