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VirtualPBX Wins 2016 TMC Communications Solutions Product of the Year

2016 TMC Communications Solutions Product of the YearDash Unlimited wins acclaim as an outstanding hosted telecommunications solution for growing and fast-paced businesses.

San Jose, California, August 23, 2016 — By winning the 2016 TMC Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, Dash Unlimited has been cemented as the totally unrestricted, truly global, and undeniably intuitive telecommunications solution for the modern, high-volume business. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor and namesake, Dash, Dash Unlimited is the next iteration of the industry’s newest and cleanest hosted telecommunications interface. Dash Unlimited adds a new level of productivity to that streamlined design, however, with the inclusion of unlimited minutes for businesses that use it.

“We knew right away that we were on to something bigger than we expected with how well people were reacting to Dash,” said Lon Baker, VirtualPBX COO. “It wasn’t until we saw how many businesses were clamoring for higher minute thresholds that we realized exactly how big the demand really was.”

True to the DNA that made Dash so remarkable in the telecommunications industry, Dash Unlimited maintains all of the existing features that still come on the more compact version. That design and feature set was decided upon by VirtualPBX’s exhaustive user feedback and research that lies at the core of all their products. Dash Unlimited’s unfettered usage guidelines is simply the next stage of development in that process.

“We don’t believe in filtering anything in our feedback loop with our customer base,” Baker added, “That’s how we knew that our customers needed a product that truly met their communications needs both from a usability and a volume standpoint.”

Dash Unlimited is built on the proven technology platform of VirtualPBX’s robust array of value-adding features. Follow-Me Calling call forwarding, Auto-Attendant, Ring Groups, and nearly universal device compatibility are just a handful of the features are all available with each Unlimited Plan. Plus, Dash Unlimited is backed 365 days a year by the same world-class support that has made VirtualPBX a standout time and time again. Ultimately, it was this preponderance of evidence that led the judges at TMC to award VirtualPBX with just another, remarkable recognition for their efforts.

“We’re honored to be recognized with this award and we look at it as motivation to return more of the same with our next series of products,” concluded Baker.

About VirtualPBX

VirtualPBX was founded in San Francisco in 1997 and brought some of the first commercially available hosted PBX service to market for small business owners. Born from the advent of the hosted telecom industry and driven by the innovative vision of its founders, VirtualPBX continues to deliver leading edge telephony products for business. Backed by award-winning, local, in-house support teams, VirtualPBX offers an array of services including disaster recovery, network monitoring and optimization, and professional system management.

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