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SIP Trunking gets Recognized with Unified Communications Excellence Award

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SIP Trunking gets Recognized with Unified Communications Excellence Award

SIP TrunkingWe’re thrilled to announce that we’re ending the year on a high note, it seems, because we were just named the winners of the 2017 TMC Unified Communications Excellence Award! The specific area that the award was given to highlight is our totally reimagined approach to SIP Trunking which, apparently, really won over the review board. In act, in our recent SIP Trunking press release about the award, you can see some of the glowing commentary that the recently revamped technology garnered.

How SIP Trunking Won the 2017 Unified Communications Excellence Award

SIP Trunking is a technology that was developed to help companies that had already made large investments into on-site PBX’s take advantage of some of the mobility and customization that can only be provided by a cloud-based telephone system. SIP Trunking was an essential bridge to the advantages of a hosted PBX when larger organizations realized they needed to access them but that were also still financially beholden to their on-site hardware investments. We go into much finer detail on the underlying technology of SIP Trunking and how it generally relates to hosted PBX in our KP360 Tech Talks Blog for anyone looking to learn more, but the way we delivered SIP Trunking to a modern audience is what really earned us this award.

The Modern Face of SIP Trunking

We developed our SIP Trunking platform to satisfy the most rigorous technical demands of our largest enterprise customers. But to differentiate it from other options and to have it dovetail with the well thought out design of our total line of user-centric Dash VoIP Plans, we packaged it as cleanly as possible and in a way that no other option on the market can offer. Like with all of our products, we didn’t deliver a finished product until we knew it would put the needs of our end users at the forefront. The employees and admins of all of our business telephone systems, their needs and pain points, and our two-way feedback channel that goes into the development of all of our products are solely responsible for the win of the 2017 TMC Unified Communications Excellence Award. Without these insightful and fruitful relationships, none of this could have been possible.

That being said, it is with great gratitude and honor that we accept this award on the behalf of the hundreds of dedicated contributors in our BETA community, the thousands of companies they represent, and the millions of customers that we hope to help them service at the highest level. Thanks to you all and thank you to TMC for recognizing all of the hard work that went into our newly redesigned SIP Trunking platform.

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