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Government Phone System

Government Phone SystemThe Challenge

The typical governmental office building is more than just a burl of bureaucratic departments and offices, it’s also a complex matrix for telephone routing. These tangled webs of routing needs are as much as a burden for in-house IT staff as they are a frustration for inbound callers. Mostly responsible for the complexity of these government phone systems is due to the variety of different offices and functions that reside in the same building, many of which are operating during different business hours and each typically requiring multilingual call options. Furthermore, though not financially dependent on inbound call traffic for sales like a for-profit organization, the crucial need for callers to reach accurate and relevant information through their government phone system cannot be overstated. Additionally, considering the sensitivity of many government functions, there exists a strong motivation to reduce anxiety from a cumbersome call experience.

Because many government offices are older buildings with similarly obsolete infrastructures, many of them still rely on an on-premise IP PBX to handle call traffic. These on-premise phone systems require the constant attention of highly-specialized IT engineering staff to maintain them, and while they may meet many complex routing requirements, they can leave others unaccounted for. Upgrading to a more manageable hosted solution introduces modern features, saves considerable budget, and ultimately delivers a better calling experience for employees and community members alike.

Custom Voice Solutions

Taking Advantage of the Cloud to Solve a Complex Problem

VirtualPBX Product Specialists begin the process of solving government call routing problems with a thorough assessment of the technical requirements and potential limitations of the system at hand. Because this is often an office’s first effort to address their government phone system with a virtual solution, determining any pitfalls beforehand is crucial to ensuring the successful execution of any final product. The assessment process involves a comfortable and efficient interview process with VirtualPBX experts, IT staff, and budget controllers and stakeholders. One of the most important aspects of this process involves creating a call routing tree, like the one below, which both confirms the intended call flow and illustrates for VirtualPBX Product Specialists each aspect of the system that needs to be included.

Government Phone System Call Routing Tree

Implementing a Government Phone System

Upon identifying ideal parameters, VirtualPBX thoroughly tests the implemented solution to ensure it meets all traffic thresholds. After proving traffic limits are sustainable, the transition into a full solution is commissioned and given a timeline. In parallel to this effort, professional greetings may be ordered in both Spanish and English and delivered for installation into the hosted government phone system.

This is a platform and functionality that many government offices have previously been told couldn’t be achieved on their budget. With the advanced technology behind VirtualPBX Custom Voice Solutions, however, combined with the creativity and vision of the VirtualPBX Product Specialist, it is very much a reality. By partnering to assess, test, and implement the optimized system, we’re able to collaborate and ensure a transparent and successful process from start to finish.

VirtualPBX Custom Voice Solutions

While many organizations, governmental and private alike, share the need to have an operational phone system, the exact composition of those systems rarely ever looks totally alike. What is certain, though, is that all offices have expectations and commitments that are equally important and they all need to be implemented in an elegant and affordable way. If you’ve ever encountered a, “we can’t do that,” or a, “it’s just not possible with your service,” while addressing your specific communications needs, then like the many government phone systems we’ve installed in the past, VirtualPBX Custom Voice Solutions are for you. Sign up for more information now and let one of our Custom Solutions Experts show you what is possible with the right partner.

Custom Voice Solutions