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Education and Tutoring

Stay Connected with Your Students Using VirtualPBX

With lower costs and a suite of features to keep you in touch, no matter where your office takes you, VirtualPBX is the ideal phone system for schools and tutors.

With features to fit any need – from small businesses to schools, all the way up to enterprise – and prices that are unbeatable. VirtualPBX is ready to take VoIP phone systems for schools to new heights.

If your school needs a superior communication system, lean on us. We can help! We’ve been delivering professional hosted PBX solutions since 1997 and as a result, we offer experience that you can trust.


VoIP Phone Systems for Schools

As an educator, you understand the importance of having a quality method to communicate with your team and your student’s parents. You also know how to maximize an often tight and scrutinized budget. Pair that with navigating the new world of e-learning and you’ve got quite a tall order! Thankfully, VirtualPBX is here to help. Switch your communications to the cloud with VirtualPBX and start saving 40-80% today!

CLS Serves Educators with VirtualPBX

Collaborative Learning Solutions (CLS) works with schools and educational agencies to improve academic and emotional learning environments for students. Its consultations with school districts, individual coaching of teachers, student curriculum development, and delivery of other education services give educators the tools they need to help children succeed.

VirtualPBX is proud to be a part of the CLS mission to “optimize the life outcomes and trajectory of marginalized youth” by giving its staff a reliable, affordable link to educators who need their assistance. The VirtualPBX Business Phone System has provided CLS with user-friendly access to a range of voice services like an inbound Auto Attendant, Voicemail, and Call Forwarding since 2015.

VoIP For Education: Stay Connected

With features like Auto AttendantCall BlastingVoicemailFaxing, and more, you can rest easy that VirtualPBX offers a school communication system that will keep your school running like a well-oiled machine.

What’s more? For teachers on the go at school field trips and conferences, you can stay connected with features like Follow Me Calling and Device Manager to receive calls no matter where you are.

We Come Backed by Educators

Educators boast about the features and flexibility VirtualPBX offers both themselves and their school system. From technical features that happen behind the scenes to an easy-to-navigate dashboard, educators and administrators alike will see the benefit with VirtualPBX. Here are just a few more perks you can enjoy when you are a part of the VirtualPBX community:

  • 24/7 Support: Our Customer Support Team is available 7 days a week.
  • Affordable Pricing: Whether you’re a tutor traveling around town or a large public school system, our prices are competitive and our plans are flexible to accommodate any team size.
  • Features Catered to Education: From Call Blasting, Follow-Me Calling, Intercom, and more, our features will integrate seamlessly into any school system.
  • Available Everywhere: Whether you’re at a field trip or teaching at home, the VirtualPBX Softphone App connects all of your devices easily.
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