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At VirtualPBX, we offer more than just a hosted phone system. Our services, like SIP Trunking and VoIP Clear Fix, can transform the way you make calls. Read more about those features here.

VirtualPBX Adds Puerto Rico to Local Traffic List

Puerto RicoOur customers asked and we listened – Puerto Rico has officially been added as a location for VirtualPBX local traffic! With a population over three million and its status as a United States territory, there has been no shortage of call traffic to and from Puerto Rico and the Continental US. In fact, at VirtualPBX, we’ve seen this number grow and with it, the demand to make those calls easier. Now, by categorizing this traffic as local, VirtualPBX customers can save even more.

What Else is Considered Local Traffic?

All VirtualPBX Plans allow for either a set number of local minutes each month (Spark Plans) or an unlimited number of local minutes per month (Flex, Essentials, and Advanced Plans). The following locations are all included in this group:

  • 50 United States (including Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Puerto Rico

Start Making Calls to Puerto Rico

Not a customer yet? No problem! Browse our Business Phone Plans to find the feature set and included minutes that work best for you and your team. Each plan includes free training sessions – simply ask your VirtualPBX representative to help set you up to make calls to and/or from Puerto Rico. Of course, if you prefer to work directly with a sales team member to help steer you in the right direction, we have representatives standing by right here in our online chat!

Already a VirtualPBX customer? Reach out to us by phone, chat, or email [email protected] to enable this on your account. Once this has been enabled, you may define which devices on your account should and should not be able to make calls to and from Puerto Rico.

Expert VoIP Network Configuration From VirtualPBX

Business Workspace - Expert VoIP Network ConfigurationVoIP phone networks, typically, are easy to set up. You just plug your phones into ethernet cables. Job done! But sometimes a basic VoIP network configuration isn’t enough.

Occasionally, businesses have unique or complicated situations that are best served by communications professionals. For example, a pop-up call center for a political campaign would want its installation of dozens of phones to work without error. A large office, similarly, might want to delegate the installation of hundreds of phones so its daily tasks can continue without interruption.

VirtualPBX offers on-site installation to any business in the contiguous U.S. that needs a helping hand. This blog will show how that helping hand can proceed by referencing the two examples suggested above – situations that may be similar to what your business is facing.

Immediate Political Call Center Operations

Although the VirtualPBX Business Phone System works with phones from our online store to automatically provision them to a user’s account, this easy process might not offer enough assurance to a call center that needs to begin operations right now.

Campaign Headquarters Datasheet ThumbnailMany of our clients purchase half a dozen phones, receive them in the mail a few days later, plug them in, and begin making calls. It’s a relatively simple operation that doesn’t leave much in the way for mistakes.

However, managers of political headquarters will spin up their call centers at a moment’s notice. They want to accept donations and begin reaching voters without delay. The gravity of the situation calls for professional intervention.

VirtualPBX techs can set up as many phones as necessary at a campaign’s headquarters. They can make sure the VoIP network configuration of all desk phones, conference phones, and mobile apps will work immediately and won’t demand follow-ups or calls to technical service.

For an detailed look at what we offer political campaigns, you can download our Campaign Headquarters Datasheet at this link or by clicking the image above.

Installing Hundreds of Devices

More than anything, a VirtualPBX tech’s takeover of installation procedures frees business professionals to complete their daily tasks as they normally would.

Political headquarter managers can focus on running an efficient campaign and reaching voters. Large businesses in any field can fulfill orders, reach customers, and plan for the next big product development.

Even business with dedicated IT departments might want outside help when it comes to a project of large scale. VirtualPBX’s on-site visit to install 100+ phones could take many hours or days. While this is well within the grasp of IT staff, the loss of an entire day could disrupt a business’s schedule unnecessarily.

The CEO of any enterprise can rest assured that the VoIP network configuration at their business will proceed efficiently and work well when complete. We know that heads of business have more important things to do than worry about hardware installation.

On-Site VoIP Network Configuration

Know that the need for on-site VoIP network configuration is minimal. We have created the VirtualPBX Phone System to be easy for any business to begin using.

Yet, not every business presents a typical situation. If you find yourself wanting professional help, we offer that option. Our in-person installation of VoIP phones and networking hardware is available to all 48 states in the contiguous U.S.

Call today to discuss your situation with one of our trained professionals. And if you haven’t signed up for VirtualPBX Dash just yet, you can save big through the end of July! Click the banner below to get started.

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Instantly Improve Your Business VoIP Call Quality

Improve Business VoIP Call Quality With VirtualPBX VPN for VoIPWith so many utilities tied to the internet – desktops, laptops, smartphones… – it’s no surprise that clients worry about their business VoIP call quality before signing up for a hosted service like VirtualPBX Dash.

It’s true that a hosted phone service uses the internet to manage phone calls. What’s not true, however, is that its quality has to degrade when you stream videos or download files.

This blog will briefly discuss the concept of traffic isolation as it relates to the VirtualPBX VPN for VoIP service. You can use VPN for VoIP with a VirtualPBX plan or with your current VoIP provider to separate voice traffic from everything else. It keeps calls clear even when the network is under heavy load.

Let’s take a look at what it does and how it can work for you.

Traffic Isolation With a VPN

You might normally think of a virtual private network (VPN) as something you use to protect your internet traffic as an individual.

VPNs act as a tunnel through which data can flow, either with or without encryption. You point your own traffic to a commercial VPN to protect sensitive personal information. Or you can create a VPN out of your own personal devices to create a secure network of computers.

What VirtualPBX does with VPN for VoIP is a little different. Instead of moving all of business’s internet traffic through a VPN tunnel, it creates a network for only your voice traffic to keep your business VoIP call quality clear and consistent.

This isolation of data means that a certain amount of bandwidth can be allocated to voice data. It also means that Quality of Service techniques can easily be applied to voice data to assure its fidelity at all times.

Assuring Your Business VoIP Call Quality

What this means for you as a business is just as varied as the uses of VPNs.

If you have low bandwidth overall at your business:

  • The uncontrolled mix of voice, video, web browsing, email, etc. may cause your call quality to suffer. When a supplementary or replacement service provider isn’t available, you can take the resources you have and segment them as necessary for calling and web browsing.

If spikes in call volume negatively affect your voice quality and internet browsing:

  • Whether your call volume peaks at a particular part of day or is variable, isolation of VoIP data can smooth calls and allow traditional web traffic to function normally.

No matter the issue, our engineers can assist. Our application of VPN for VoIP could immediately improve your business VoIP call quality. And if we need to take it further by assisting your search for a new service provider or helping you switch to Dash, we’re on board for anything you need.

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VoIP Call Quality Is What You Make It

Lattice of planks - VoIP call quality is what you make itVoIP call quality – one of the highest priorities we have at VirtualPBX – has seen its share of skepticism.

People wonder how their calls can be clear when their web traffic speeds fluctuate. Since VoIP uses the internet to complete calls, they assume their calls will also see peaks and valleys.

The truth is, the call quality of a VirtualPBX Business Phone System can match landline clarity and consistency. You just need to mold it properly. And we can help.

Choosing the Right Provider

As we’ve noted before in this blog, not all service providers are equal. They differ in the options they present (like allotted calling minutes and feature sets). Of course, they also differ in price.

Where it matters when you talk about VoIP call quality, however, is that they differ in the manner of which phone system setup takes place.

Consider that VirtualPBX offers personalized onboarding for every customer that signs up for our Business Phone System.

Our Sales team also makes sure your business gets the correct plan level for your needs and has the infrastructure to keep your call quality clear.

Harden Your Infrastructure

VoIP phone services use the internet to facilitate call transmission. Therefore, you need to have a strong infrastructure base to handle the calls you want to make.

When speaking with our Sales team, we will help determine how much bandwidth your current internet offers. Then we might suggest a Network Health Check or Network Monitoring to see if your desired call volume will work within that bandwidth amount. Or we can help you find a new internet service provider to assure increased bandwidth and improved network reliability.

You can see a quick overview of bandwidth requirements on our VoIP Speed Test page. If your bandwidth doesn’t support the number of concurrent calls you need to make, we can work with you to improve your infrastructure.

Create Your Own VoIP Call Quality

Depending on the service provider you choose and the bandwidth your internet connection affords, your VoIP call quality can vary.

We make it a point to provide the best service in the communications industry. We make sure your business can handle your desired call volume and, when we’re satisfied your system can support VoIP, we overlay a wide range of features and 24/7 customer service in your phone plan.

Our effort begins before you even purchase a business phone plan, whether you’re an entrepreneur or enterprise.

You don’t even have to take our word for it. Start a 14-Day Free Trial in the month of July and save $2-5 on every user, every month, for the life of your plan.

Click the banner below to get started.

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SIP Trunking Checklist: Are You Ready to Switch?

SIP TrunkingIf your enterprise phone system is more than 15 years old, there’s a good chance you use an on-site PBX. And if you do, there’s a great chance that SIP Trunking could improve the way you make calls.

An SIP Trunking setup from VirtualPBX can save you money and increase your phone system’s flexibility. You just need to know if you’re ready for the service.

Read through this short guide to determine whether or not SIP Trunking is right for you.

Do You Have an On-Site PBX?

SIP Trunking – to be extremely brief about its setup – connects your private branch exchange (PBX) to the internet. It turns your PBX phone system into a virtual PBX service. It lets you move from your local server to the cloud.

Therefore, if you want to use trunks, you will first need an on-site PBX.

The biggest giveaway that your business uses an on-premise PBX is that you have a giant server in one of your closets. This server would connect all the lines running to your desk phones and conference phones, which could number in the hundreds.

Your IT department will know where it is.

VirtualPBX SIP Trunking works with most PBXs that are SIP-enabled, including those from vendors such as Mitel, Avaya, and Samsung. Our Sales team can help you determine if your hardware will connect to our service.

Are Your Bills Expensive and Unpredictable?

It’s likely that, if you use a PBX, you also use primary rate interface (PRI) lines. A PRI connects your PBX to the public telephone network. It gives you a dial tone, but it’s limiting and expensive.

If your enterprise has more than 50 employees, you could be paying for two or more PRI lines and spending hundreds of dollars per month to accommodate that large population.

You probably pay a telecommunications company a monthly bill for your PRIs. And you might find hidden fees associated with the use of those lines. It can add up quickly.

At VirtualPBX, we lower your monthly costs into one predictable bill, no matter how many calling channels you need.

Is Your Call Capacity Unreliable?

Depending on your setup, an on-site PBX with PRI lines can keep you from doing business as you expect.

PRI lines on your PBX can only handle a set number of calls at once – a maximum of 23 per line. If you reach that maximum, no incoming or outgoing calls can be completed. You won’t be able to reach your customers, and your customers won’t be able to reach you.

VirtualPBX SIP Trunking can handle a virtually unlimited number of simultaneous calls, and its base plans start with 20 standard channels and 5 “burstable” channels, which give you a buffer during peak hours.

It’s also easy and affordable to purchase new channels, so VirtualPBX can scale with your enterprise as it grows.

Are You Ready for SIP Trunking?

If you have an on-site PBX, your service bills are sky high, and your calling is unreliable, it’s time to switch to VirtualPBX. You can keep your existing hardware but free yourself from the cost and hassle associated with an on-premise system.

Contact our Sales team today for a quick quote.