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It’s On The House

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It’s On The House

Free Online Phone Number Is Yours

Online Business Number GraphicLook at you go. You finally got your URL to set up your online presence to take over the world. But now, it is time to lay the groundwork for your business communications success -choosing your virtual phone number. What’s awesome is that VirtualPBX makes this process more manageable, with the first online phone number free. Bonus: you get to choose your number.

Thanks to Alexander Graham Bell’s “accident,” the creation of the phone revolutionized how we interact in today’s world. And technology just keeps getting better. In minutes you can be marching on to your virtual office phone paradise. Before you break out the tropical music and soak in some rays, there are essential steps to take when deciding a course of action for your online phone number. Let us guide you through it.

“You Get An Online Phone Number!”

“And you get an online phone number! And you get one! Everyone gets one!” Kidding, we didn’t go full Oprah Winfrey here, but we get that kind of excitement. When it is time to set up your suitable virtual phone number, VirtualPBX makes it effortless.

In addition to having phone numbers to fit all your business needs, we have one of the largest databases of local phone numbers, international, vanity, and toll-free business phone numbers available. Neat fact: each business phone plan comes bearing at least three local or toll-free numbers. What you decide upon depends on your business.

Where to Start?

Here we break down your online phone number choices. There are no wrong answers here:

  • Local Numbers: As we mentioned, having a local number is a crucial first step: especially if opening a new business or expanding into new territory.
  • Vanity and Toll-Free Numbers: This is a great customer service practice because toll-free phone numbers save your customers money and broaden your reach.
  • International Phone Numbers: Using international numbers opens your business to new markets before your competitors.

Ready, Set, Add Your Number!

The online phone number nirvana journey is as simple as a snap with no aggressive upfront costs on our part. After using our lookup tool to find that right fit, you go to your portal to “add a new number,” and presto. Now you are ready to dominate the game. Many other benefits make business life a breeze with a virtual telephone number. Besides more possible contact options, there is added privacy to many cost-saving features for your office phone system.

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