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VirtualText: Appointment Reminders

VirtualText App Appointment Reminders

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VirtualText: Appointment Reminders

VirtualText Appointment ReminderThis week we launched early access to our new business texting app, VirtualText. To say we are excited to introduce this latest release is putting it mildly. There are so many cool things about this new service. Therefore, over the next few weeks, we will highlight different benefits. Today we are going to delve into VirtualText App Appointment Reminders.

First off, a recap. The VirtualText App came to life because we wanted to bring users ease, convenience, and increased engagement with business texting. This app lets users send and receive text messages on their primary business phone number and text from their unique local or toll-free phone numbers. Secondly, the numbers don't lie.

Business Texting Motivation

As a modern small business or remote entrepreneur, getting invested in business texting is vital to your professional growth and survival. No-shows, unprepared shows, and late arrivals can dearly cost appointment-based companies. In the healthcare field alone, missed appointments caused an economic loss of $150 billion per year. VirtualText App appointment reminders will work to alleviate those kinds of shenanigans.

VirtualText Appointment Reminders Benefits

We can roll off stats all day, but here is one that stands out. Per SMS Comparison, 9 out of 10 consumers prefer to communicate with companies through text messages for delivery alerts, appointment reminders, back and forth communication, etc. VirtualText is a gateway for your business to get in on that action and positively elevate your profile brand.

Intro to VirtualText Appointment Reminders

Let's talk about why we are here —the benefit of appointment reminders with VirtualText. Our new app is here to soothe the frustrations of those working in industries that struggle with customers keeping their appointments. This is all about saying goodbye to wasted hours managing emails or making calls to track down customers.

We designed this app with the user in mind, creating management tools that are easy to navigate. The VirtualText appointment reminders will allow you to sync your messages across multiple devices. It can get busy trying to communicate across numerous internal teams, but add customer communication on top of that? Forget about it. That's a headache and a half. I speak from experience.

Lets Can It

Here is my favorite part of this app: Canned Responses. I cannot stress how canned responses will level up your professional messaging A-game. Keywords trigger the beauty of these automatic replies. For example, a customer responds to a reminder: "Hello! Your appointment for Monday, 4/23 at 8:30 AM is coming up. Please confirm with YES or NO or RESCHEDULE." Once that customer responds to the confirmation, out goes the triggered automated response for YES, NO, or RESCHEDULE. Magnificent, am I right? This platform does all the heavy lifting, giving you time to focus your attention on other tasks.

Ready to gain early access to VirtualText App? Check out what we have in store, and stay tuned. There is more to come.

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