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Infographic – ProSIP Network Health Check

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Infographic – ProSIP Network Health Check

You tell your employees to go home if they’re unwell, not just because they could get their coworkers ill, but also because when they aren’t feeling their best, they aren’t preforming their best. So where do you send your network if it’s not at 100%? You can start with a network health check.

It’s difficult to know everything that is going on with your internet connection and, while Speed Tests are valuable tools for getting a snapshot of how things are operating at that moment, they don’t show the whole picture. This infographic below shows how a ProSIP Network Health Check will give you a complete and accurate understanding of your network’s performance, along with a battery of tools and suggestions on how to maximize it moving forward.

ProSIP Network Health Check Infographic

How Was Your Network Health Check?

After performing your own network health check through a Speed Test, how does your connection fare? Whether your network speed is good or underpowered, if you experience garbled calls or static, we want to help. Our network services offer an intensive analysis of your traffic that helps us generate a plan to address your specific needs with multiple quality of service techniques. Improve your voice connection and other online services:

  • Increase call quality
  • Improve data transfer reliability and rate
  • See gains in employee productivity

Let’s start the conversation about how to get your network in top shape. Reach out today to talk to our networking experts so your phone calls can be crystal clear every time.

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