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Network Health Check – What Affects VoIP Call Quality

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Network Health Check – What Affects VoIP Call Quality

heart-rateToday, the most successful businesses rely heavily on their network to get through daily operations. At VirtualPBX, we work with you to ensure that your network is performing at its best, which is why we offer a VoIP speed test to assess your network before you switch to VoIP, along with a ProSIP Network Health Check if you experience issues as your business and the strain on your network grows. ProSIP Network Health Checks are professional grade network analyses specifically focused on your network’s Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Essentially, SIP is the method by which all media data is sent and received online. This is the portion of your network responsible for your VoIP data and the focus of the ProSIP Network Health Check. While most businesses experience little to no problems with their network or VoIP quality, there are times when they may find their VoIP quality impacted. The three most common things that impact VoIP call quality are:

  • Bandwidth delivered by your ISP
  • Capacity of your network
  • Performance of your network

What Affects My VoIP Quality?
While there are three top culprits of diminished VoIP call quality, as mentioned above, other factors could include your ISP failing to deliver what you pay for. With the rise of content streaming and social networking, congestion has become another cause of poor VoIP call quality. Mobile devices are a factor as well, as mobile devices continue to create new and unexpected demands from your VoIP phone system’s network.

ProSIP Network Health Check
Unsure what is affecting your call quality? When you sign up for VirtualPBX’s ProSIP Network Health Check, you can expect an intensive, weeklong analysis of your network. With this check, we can help determine exactly what is happening on your network and how that is impacting your network’s performance – from there, we will send you a plan and help you make the needed improvements.

It’s our goal to ensure that your VirtualPBX phone systems are running smoothly. If you feel that you’re not getting the best quality from your network, let us know so we can help identify the problem! Sign up for a Network Health Check here.

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