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Hit the Ground Running – Dash Unlimited

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Hit the Ground Running – Dash Unlimited

Dash UnlimitedWhenever you start a new endeavor, it’s important to set the expectations high and move forward at a strong pace in order to establish yourself quickly. This reminds me of how my grandfather who was an early Airborne Infantryman in the US Army always used to talk about “hitting the ground running.” Whenever he and his fellow soldiers were to land in a new area, they never knew exactly what to expect they’d encounter so the one thing that was certain was that moving quickly right after they touched down was going to be an important part of having a safe and successful mission. The same philosophy exists for business, too, especially whenever you’re dealing with a totally new product or entering into a new market.

Dash’s New Horizons

While our new business phone system isn’t in a new market or industry, it is making waves as a VoIP platform like what nobody has seen before. Dash’s clean and intuitive user interface does take it into uncharted territory for the telecom industry and, because that is like landing into a new theatre of operations, we need to keep pressing forward.

Fortunately, where we’re going next is a result of the wonderful response to what Dash brings to the table. By designing a hosted business phone system for employees all across the flowchart, and not just for the IT pros and engineers, we’ve tapped into something that the market has been starving for. In response to the overwhelmingly positive feedback Dash has gotten, including being named the 2016 TMC and Internet Telephony Product of the Year, we’re introducing Dash Unlimited, the all new way to get unlimited access to the first business phone system that is made for everyone.

Dash Unlimited

Since introducing Dash Unlimited, companies no longer need to worry about going over a pooled amount of minutes. Unlike like when a child gets a phone for the first time and then the whole family plan is at risk of losing their proportional share of data use, Dash Unlimited lets each one of your team members use their business phone the way you need them to for success. Your business phone is the single most important line of communication between you and your customers, and the last thing you want is for it to be compromised by constantly bumping up against restrictive minute thresholds or having to throttle your use to avoid costly overages.

Introducing Dash Unlimited Features

Sometimes when we realize we are getting more of a good thing, our reaction is to question where we’re losing out to keep things balanced. Well even the most cynical of us will find that Dash Unlimited comes with all of the same award-winning business phone features and functionality of the most powerful and modern business phone system on the market. Furthermore, for even the most skeptical, we are offering a 15-day money back guarantee, too. That’s right, we’re offering the same in-house support, the same powerful suite of options, unlimited customization, and unparalleled commitment to service that Dash has always come with, only now you get a limitless amount of minutes plus the confidence of our guarantee to do business the way you need to.

We were busy for a long time in building the Dash platform to be what it is, and by remaining just as committed to it even since we’ve launched it, we’re able to continue bringing more enhancements to Dash users like unlimited minutes. With all of the power of an enterprise telephone system, the cleanest and simplest interface in the game, and now with unlimited minutes, Dash Unlimited lets you hit the ground running with your business, too.

Sign up for a free demo of Dash Unlimited today and see what the fuss is all about.

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