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What Ghostbusters Can Teach Us About a Good Router

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What Ghostbusters Can Teach Us About a Good Router

GhostbustersI am the Keymaster, Are you the Gatekeeper?

Okay bear with me here. We’ve previously compared the performance-boosting advantages your network will have after undergoing a Network Health Check to the perpetual need for “more power” that Captain Kirk would impress upon his crew in the sci-fi saga, Star Trek. Seeing as how well that was received, however, I’m inclined to believe that we can learn something from Ghostbusters about getting a proper router. Plus, we clearly didn’t quite find the boundaries of what constitutes “too-much-geek” to include in our blog. Let’s give it another shot, shall we?

Is your ISP Gozer The Gozerian?

Easily the best name of a movie villain ever, Gozer is more than just a powerful spirit hell-bent (sic) on reducing our world to a smoldering pile of rubble. Gozer represents the acme of supernatural power, and power needn’t always be used for evil. What other ethereal, intangible, nearly supernatural force flows through the world with the ability to build and destroy entire empires? Yep, you’re using it to read these words right now.

Power is Nothing Without Access

As the spirits released from the eco-chamber in the Ghostbusters’ headquarters begin to rain terror down upon the city of New York, two characters are pivotal to the realization of Gozer’s most Gozerian of incarnations- the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. Your unified communications, browsing, research, remote data storage, and every other component of the network you rely on are your Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, and you’re equally dependent on unlocking access to his chewy, sugary potential.

Using the router that came with your network access is fine for most personal use, but chances are good you need enterprise-grade hardware to handle the use over your Wi-Fi. Upgrading means more than just optimizing your performance, it also means added features and security. Unless you have in-house communications IT staff to handle all of your unified communications needs, chances are good you are familiar with mostly consumer-grade features for routers and modems. That’s okay, we’re here to help.

The Right Tools For the Job

Just like we regularly conduct industry-wide audits of the VoIP telephone market to produce a curated selection of the best options available for business, we’re now doing the same for routers. Take a look at the results from our extensive hardware review and see which one of these advanced routers for business is right for you. Still not sure which one is right? Our Network Experts are standing by right now to assess your needs and help pair you with a good router that is the best option for your company.

Finding the right hardware used to be something fear doing, but it isn’t as long as you have VirtualPBX to help. C’mon, you know it was coming- so who ya gunna call?

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