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VoIP Phones: The Tools of the Trade

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VoIP Phones: The Tools of the Trade

Bike ToolsI like to ride my bike a lot. In fact, I even sold my car last year because I rarely even used it all that often and between riding, walking, Uber, and Zipcar I don’t even miss it. Of course, not having a car doesn’t mean that my mechanical needs are also a thing of the past. With chain and cable stretch, derailleur adjustments, tire wear, and a host of other odds and ends that need tweaking on a regular basis, I’d say I’m more involved with mechanics now than ever before. This means that I rely more and more on my local bike shop. The lesson? As long as I don’t have the tools or the knowhow to get the job done, I wont be totally self-sufficient.

The Right Tools for the Job

Let’s say for a moment that I happened to know how to do everything on my bike from rewrapping the handle bar tape to replacing a squeaky bottom bracket (for the record, I don’t). That’s a nice fantasy, but it wouldn’t mean a thing if I didn’t have all of the highly specialized tools it takes to get the job done. That’s a lot like how it is to work on a highly sophisticated hosted telephone system.

Keeping Your Business Rolling

We’re pretty proud that we can offer you a hosted business telephone service that has been recognized by the industry for leading in both innovation and service. What we don’t have control over, though, is what equipment you use when you sign-up for our service. While there is certainly no shortage of desk and conference VoIP phone options out there, just like how a hammer wouldn’t be an ideal substitution for a torque wrench on any bike, the wrong phone can take the shine out of your telephone service. That’s why we have carefully selected equipment from the multitude of options to offer you premium products to make the most out of your industry-leading business phone service.

What’s even a better deal, though, is that to mark the end of a long winter for many of our customers, we’ve taken our equipment offerings and sweetened them a little. In addition to distilling the entire universe of VoIP phone equipment into a handful of value-packed options, we’re offering them all for a discount, while supplies last. Yes, springtime is about more than just cleaning house and rebirth and all that jazz, now it’s also about saving 10% on these virtually future-proof, cutting-edge VoIP phones. Also, because we wouldn’t want anyone to have the wrong tools, even if they don’t (yet) subscribe to our service, anyone is eligible for these savings!

Rules of the Road

To get the skinny on how to save today and take advantage of this limited offer, you can get all of the details here or you can contact our award-winning Support Team for any other questions you may have, too.

Who knows? Maybe with all of the time you and your team will save by switching to VoIP service and telephones from VirtualPBX, you might even be dusting off your own bike for a ride. If you do, just remember to not mistake your chain tensioner for your teleconferencer or vice versa. Keep the rubber side down!

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