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Hardware Recycling Guide

E-waste is a growing problem for the world’s landfills because it can’t be disposed of by traditional methods. Also, because precious metals used in the manufacture of circuitry are not abundant, throwing them away only drives the costs of new products higher and higher. We’ve put together a host of great resources to help you keep your electronics in the market for a while longer plus ways to responsibly dispose of e-waste in your area when that time has passed. Together we can help to keep our planet and our industry healthy.


Military and Veteran Discount Program

Military and Veteran Discount Program

In support of the U.S. military VirtualPBX is proud introduce a discount program distinctively for U.S. veterans, active duty military, National Guard and Reserve members, and their family.

The discount is applicable towards our comprehensive Office Plans, intended to meet your needs whether you’re a business of one or one-hundred. VirtualPBX can grow with you.


Refer A Friend, Earn $$

Love the service and experience you receive with VirtualPBX? Tell your friends so you can receive a discount! If they sign up for a plan with us, you’ll receive a referral payout.


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