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Start the New Year With a Personal Voicemail Greeting From Snap

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Start the New Year With a Personal Voicemail Greeting From Snap

Personal Voicemail Greeting in 2019You only have a few days left to claim a personal voicemail greeting discount in our holiday promotion with Snap Recordings.

Remember first that, until Jan. 7, Snap will make its Holiday Message Gift Box available for download. The message pack includes 12 ready-to-use greetings to wish your customers a “Happy Holiday!” or “Season’s Greetings.”

Then get ready — before the Jan. 7 deadline — to commission your own personalized audio. Using discount code “HOLIDAYVPBX” at checkout, get 20 percent off your next purchase of a Snap greeting, hold message, or auto attendant prompt.

Keep the Holiday Rolling

The madness of holiday shopping may have ended, but the warmth of the season doesn’t have to go with it.

Many of the free hold messages in Snap’s Holiday Message Gift Box will address your customers in January just as well as they did in December. With phrases like “warmest thoughts and best wishes,” your continued use of these holiday-themed messages will be well received.

Let your callers know they’re taken care of. Extend the holiday spirit into the coming weeks with a free professional recording.

Your Own Personal Voicemail Greeting

Want something less generalized? Commission Snap Recordings to complete a personal voicemail greeting that matches your business’s 2019 resolutions.

You can avoid common blunders like a cliche script or outdated phrasing by letting Snap work its magic. Snap’s professional team helps you overcome the hurdle of sounding professional in your voicemail.

Don’t let your phone system make a bad first impression. Grab a new personal voicemail greeting with Snap, and use discount code “HOLIDAYVPBX” before Jan. 7 to get 20% off.

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