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Sounds of the Season – Holiday On-Hold Music

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Sounds of the Season – Holiday On-Hold Music

Rocking ReindeerIt’s that time of year again! Well, to be fair, some stores play holiday music hours after Thanksgiving or even Halloween so I suppose it has been, “that time,” for a while now. Be that as it may, did you know that VirtualPBX can give your business phone system a complete holiday makeover, no matter what the season? There are nearly 500 songs on the VirtualPBX jukebox that you can select from for on-hold music, including some familiar holiday favorites, that are already included as part of your phone service.

We are constantly looking to add to the library and have made great progress to produce such a variety of fully licensed titles for your use. To find the list and begin customizing your customers’ hold experience, simply head to the Auto-Attendant tab in your vConsole and follow the instructions from the On-Hold Music link.

Custom Greeting

Let’s say you’d like to include a custom message or voice recording to your callers along with the holiday on-hold music. Sure, that’s no problem, either. Like most of the VirtualPBX services, there are virtually limitless ways to tailor your system to your liking. For on-hold music and greetings, you can set what callers listen to immediately from the call being received, to anything in a specific queue or department, all the way down to individual extensions recording personalized holiday messages for phone mail. At any point in the process you can elect to play all music, a recorded greeting, or a looped music and greeting combination. You can always add messages yourself through the vConsole, or you can contact one of our expert Customer Support members who would be happy to assist you through the process.

Whatever your preferences, VirtualPBX makes it easy to tailor the right amount of holiday recognition for your business. We all hope this is a productive, safe, and enjoyable season for you and if you ever have any questions, please never hesitate to reach out. Happy Holidays!

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