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Call Recording and Conferencing Now Included For Free in Dash

Call recording and conferencing

Our award-winning Dash Business Phone System has just received a prominent upgrade. All customers will now receive Call Recording and Conferencing at no extra charge.

This upgrade applies to all our plans. Whether you choose a Basic, Pro, or Unlimited package, you will find these premium features available to all your users.

Why the Change?

We want to provide our customers with the best set of features available on any virtual phone system. Lon Baker, VirtualPBX COO, said it best:

“We’re in the business of making communications simple, professional, and technologically advanced. Many customers come to us with multiple bills and service providers — this solution streamlines their communications strategy so that they need only pay for and manage one service.”

Both Call Recording and Conferencing have become essential to the operations of many businesses. Whether you have five or 500 staff members, these features will likely play a prominent role in your business as you capture essential customer information and hold important company meetings.

This change — moving these features from paid add-ons to free included options — allows more businesses to take advantage of the best we have to offer.

Benefits of Call Recording and Conferencing

Call Recording

Customers that already use Dash Call Recording know it helps create a steel trap for the information that flows into their businesses.

Employees at all levels can harness its power. Call center representatives, who are often required to record all their interactions with customers, can rest assured that Dash will handle that requirement for every call. Similarly, C-suite executives can use saved recordings to replay pivotal conversation they’ve had with department heads and corporate partners.

Our software makes it easy to setup call recording for individuals and ring groups in all departments of your organization.


Dash Conference Calling is a mainstay for any company that wants to easily conduct virtual meetings. Using conference phones like the Yealink CP960, groups at a conference table can easily converse with dozens of remote attendees.

This sort of flexibility in handling calls can make its way into meetings of all types. Potential hires from anywhere in the world can simply call a single phone number, enter a PIN, and meet with the heads of the company. Multiple investors can also take part in discussions that will have an impact on their own companies.

With just a few clicks in our dashboard, you can allow any employee to hold their own conference. They can then invite conference participants to any future call with only a phone number and room number. It’s that easy.

Dash Configuration

All existing customers will now see the Conference Bridge and Customized Call Recording options available in the Dash dashboard — whether or not they previously paid for the features as add-ons. All new customers will have both features ready from day one.

You can follow the brief instructions below to quickly set up Recording and Conferencing options in your dashboard. For more detail, including information about our Call Recording Manager, check out the Dash Support documents.

Dash Recording-Conferencing Options

Enable Conferencing

You can enable Conference Bridge for any user by first navigating to the Main Number tab in Dash. In that tab, add a Main Conference Number.

Then visit the Users tab and select the user who needs conferencing abilities. In that individual’s User Features menu, click Conference Bridge to enter their personal conference room number and their PIN.

Enable Call Recording

In any user’s User Features menu, click Customized Call Recording to set options for inbound and outbound recording. Individuals can have their internal and external calls automatically recorded and saved in Dash.

Boost Your Business Potential

Whether you’re a new or existing Dash user, the addition of Call Recording and Conferencing is sure to amplify the way in which you reach customers and conduct meetings.

Want to reach those customers with a new Yealink conference phone with Wi-Fi and touchscreen integration? Click the banner below to enter our Conference Phone Giveaway.

Yealink CP960 Conference Phone Giveaway

Call Center Script Do’s and Don’ts – Infographic

A call center script can be an excellent resource when training agents at your organization. Providing your agents with a call center script can guide them through answering difficult questions and turn unhappy customers into your brand’s biggest promoters. But, even in the most experienced of contact centers, having the perfect script doesn’t mean your work is done. In order to drive success in your call center, you must know the call center script do’s and don’ts.

Call Center Script Infographic

Searching for call center technology that compliments your call center script? VirtualPBX is your one-stop shop for all your contact center needs. Our industry-leading Business Phone Plans will improve your call quality, call efficiency, and give you a dynamic live-view into how your call center is performing. With a host of robust features like Call Recording, CRM Integration, and Real-Time-Monitor, your call center will be operating at peak performance 24/7.

Did we miss any call center script do’s and don’ts? Let us know your best practices on Facebook and Twitter!

The Most Important Call Center Metrics to Track

Call Center MetricsICMI (International Customer Management Institute) has named the following as the most important call center metrics to track – first call resolution, service level response time, adherence to schedule, forecasting accuracy, self-service accessibility, contact quality, and customer satisfaction. We can’t agree enough that these points are crucial for the success of any call center – whether it be a sales organization, customer support, a political campaign, fundraising effort, or any other type of call center. But exactly how can these metrics be tracked effectively?

Tracking Call Responses

Whether inbound, outbound, or a combination of the two, not every call ends with a successful transaction. In fact, especially for a cold-calling sales organization, it’s not uncommon for the majority of calls to result in a refusal to purchase/signup. For this reason, it is important for agents to be efficient with their time. When an agent has to call a lead back repeatedly because they were not equipped to answer their questions, a call lasts longer than it should, or the lead is left waiting, sales could be slipping through the cracks. Many of these inefficiencies can be prevented in the training process, but there are a few key call center metrics to watch for.

  1. An abundance of missed calls and voicemails: These should be considered as potential missed opportunities and avoided at all costs. One easy fix is an overflow queue staffed by managers or members of other teams capable of answering questions and facilitating transactions when a primary staff is overwhelmed.
  2. Call outcomes: The result of a call should be tied to the lead’s contact information. Most often this is done with the assistance of a CRM Integration which can be customized to track the call outcomes possible with your efforts, how many calls occurred between a single contact, and how much revenue was tied to that particular transaction.
  3. Trends in call activity logs: Advanced phone systems will provide detailed call logs with a whole host of call center metrics to analyze like call duration, time of day, and who the caller spoke with. Trends found can help you address which agents are adhering to call volume goals, whether staffing matches your needs, and more.

Get the Call Center Metrics You Need

No matter the size of your organization, VirtualPBX has the technology to not only run your call center, but to provide you with the metrics you need to stay on track with your goals. With business phone plans to fit any organization and a host of features included, like the Real-Time Monitor shown below, measuring your call center’s efforts has never been easier.

Real-Time Monitor

Call Center Telephone Options: What to Choose

Call Center Telephone Options: Yealink SIP-T46GAre you planning to set up a call center or perhaps work with one? Are you trying to equip your sales and support team with the best phone systems available, the kind most popular in call centers? Call centers and businesses alike depend not only the agents and managers making phone calls – although these individuals indeed are a huge part of a successful one. The technologies employed by call centers and business play a pivotal role – including the call center telephone, call routing software, and reporting mechanisms.

A call center telephone system facilitates basic functions, such as call routing, multi-channel communications, individual agent preferences, and call activity reports. Integrations with services like customer relationship management (CRM) software and custom integrations made possible by Webhooks are also growing in popularity as they provide deeper insights into your contacts by connecting call data to additional data points. Added features such as Real-Time Monitoring, automated customer surveys, and multilingual customer service add significant value as well.

Which Call Center Telephone Options to Choose

Choosing the right call center telephone to supply your workers with may seem like a daunting task, but fortunately with a hosted PBX service, you have a wealth of options built to fit a range of budgets and preferences.

  1. Buy new VoIP phones: for companies and call centers looking to build a long-term operation with in-house staff, preprogramed VoIP phones provide a high tech solution that can handle multiple calls per phone. Two of the most popular models in our inventory include the Polycom IP 331 and the Yealink SIP T46G which comes with a full color touch screen.
  2. Use existing desk phones: switching your business phone service doesn’t necessarily mean switching the phones that you use. VirtualPBX supports most phones from Ubiquity, Polycom, Yealink, and Cisco, but if there is a phone or phones that you would like to use with your service and are unsure of their compatibility, just give us a call! Our agents are standing by 24/7 to answer your compatibility questions at 888.825.0800.
  3. Buy new mobile phones or request SIM cards for 4G LTE service: for mobile call centers or for those who require data and texting on top of typical phone service, 4G LTE Mobile is the all in one solution. No need to pay multiple providers, handle expense reports, or worry about employees using personal contact details.
  4. Check out our free to use Web Phone: take advantage of our browser-based Web Phone to make calls using plan minutes. No downloads or updates to manage and no user fees make this the easy low-cost solution without sacrificing call quality. What’s more, it improves collaboration, members of the team can work remotely, and managers remain connected while they are away from the office.

No matter the call center telephone or telephones that you choose, all options are backed by 24/7 customer support from VirtualPBX. Better yet, just like your phone system, the devices you choose are up to you. Use any mix of VoIP desk phones, mobile phones, or Web Phones to make and receive calls and make changes at any time. So, what will you choose? Let us know which device option fits your needs best by reaching out on Facebook or Twitter – we’d love to hear from you!

Call Center Technology Trends into 2019

Call Center TechnologyThe success of your organization’s customer contact center can define your brand, campaign, or organization for better or worse in today’s digital world. In order to meet the stringent expectations of your audience, your organization must deploy call center technology that increases productivity, provides real-time insights, and presents a professional image of your brand.

Call Center Technology

When choosing the right call center solutions for your business, consider these call center technologies:

  1. Real-Time Monitor: Monitoring your business phone system in real-time with a dynamic, live view of all call activity is one of the most effective ways supervisors can achieve peak call center performance. View how many calls are taking place, which agents are busy, and which agents are available. If you need to know what’s happening with your phone system at all times, then you need a Real-Time Monitor.
  2. Web Phone: Cutting the cord on expensive PBX hardware is easier than ever thanks to the affordability and functionality of browser-based calling. Built on WebRTC technology – the Web Phone includes features like click-to-call, call transfers, self-muting, audio preference management, and more. The best part is it’s free! Simply pay for the minutes that are pooled from your Dash Plan. When you sign up with Dash Business Phone System your team can start making crystal-clear calls right from your web browser within minutes.
  3. Rent top call center phones: Looking to rent the latest Call Center Technology for your political campaign at the lowest cost around? VirtualPBX can help you equip your call center from the ground up. For less than $10/mo you can rent the Tom Brady of VoIP Phones (Yealink T21P E2) or you can purchase new VoIP Phones from our online store. With a limitless supply or phones and prices that will fit any budget, isn’t it time you upgrade to VirtualPBX Call Center Technology?

Explore the Full Range of Call Center Technology Features

One size doesn’t necessarily fit all – every call center has its own unique goals and expectations. To truly succeed in your endeavors, your call center must be built to reflect these ambitions. VirtualPBX provides plans to fit any budget with a huge variety of included features. We also provide Custom Voice Solutions which are a truly bespoke solution for call centers, including custom call routing and configuration. To get started, just give us a call at 888.825.0800. We have team members standing by 24/7 to assist!

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