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Small Business Saturday 2019: Ready Your Phone System

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Small Business Saturday 2019: Ready Your Phone System

Small Business Saturday 2019 - Local CafeThe changing of leaves has signaled the countdown to Small Business Saturday 2019 for many local retailers. The Nov. 30 demarcation of the holiday shopping season this year may be hectic, but it doesn’t have to be unmanageable.

A Small Business Saturday marketing effort is within your grasp to create. And your customers will be pleased that you handled their concerns well despite this being the busiest retail time of year.

This short blog will show how VirtualPBX Phone Plan can help establish your holiday marketing efforts and compliment a Small Business Saturday event kit meant to impress shoppers at your doorstep.

Small Business Saturday Marketing Campaign

Whether your marketing efforts in the final months of 2019 are print or digital, you need a robust phone system to handle excess inbound calls. Here are a couple ways the VirtualPBX Business Phone System makes a great companion to your campaigns.

Phone Number Prepend

Phone Number Prepend ScreenshotA prepend on a phone number is an addition to that value. For instance, prepending the phrase “PrintFlyer” to the phone number “1-888-555-1234” would leave you with “PrintFlyer 1-888-555-1234”.

How is this helpful? VirtualPBX Phone Plans let you log a prepended phrase to any number on your plan. Therefore, when you use several phone numbers for different marketing campaigns, you can attach the phrase “Print Flyer” to one and “Online Ad” to another.

The more specific your prepends are, the easier it is to differentiate between multiple campaigns. Overall, proper use of prepends can help you gauge the effectiveness of one Small Business Saturday campaign over another – giving you momentum through this holiday season and through future years.

Check out our blog post about prepends for more detail about this powerful feature.

Local and Remote Work Capability

VirtualPBX Web PhoneVirtualPBX phones come in many different styles. You can use VoIP hardware phones from the VirtualPBX Store or try our Web Phone and VirtualPBX Softphone.

While a desk phone might best support your brick-and-mortar store, remote employees (perhaps hired just for the holiday rush) can easily take calls from the Web Phone on their computers or smartphones.

You get to decide how calls are routed, such as through our Ring Groups feature. Inbound callers will realize the efficiency of your operation as you take their calls in an orderly manner.

Small Business Saturday Event Kit

Many small businesses are tackling the holiday shopping season with pre-packaged event kits. They’re using banners for show and giveaways for impression.

A phone system should be thought of as a supplement to your Small Business Saturday event kit. It’s less showy than the banner, but it does work behind the scenes that makes everything else functions well.

You might engage in special campaigns or promotions this month. Your phone system can make or break those efforts.

You might hold special hours for an early-morning shopping event. Your phone system gives people a way to contact you for event information.

Don’t let the backbone of your business hinder your expansive plans this year.

Get Started Now

Nov. 30 is less than four weeks away. There’s no time to waste if you want to be ready for Small Business Saturday 2019.

Pick up a Small Business Saturday event kit assistant with a new VirtualPBX phone plan, and experience everything our plans offer in a Free Demo led by a member of our Sales Team. We’re sure you’ll like what we have to offer, and your holiday shoppers will appreciate it too.

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