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More Shopping Choices Drive The Future of Telecommunications

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More Shopping Choices Drive The Future of Telecommunications

Telecom shopping choicesFor anyone who had either shopped for a car or simply wanted to play around with the latest and greatest options available in the automotive industry, the days of writing to request a catalog are long gone. Previously, a fully interactive car builder was only found on high-end vehicle websites, but now even the most economy rides on the road can be built into a nearly limitless array of configurations before ever stepping foot into a dealership. Cars aren’t the only place that more shopping choices are playing a role in reshaping the consumer experience. Everything from the alphabet soup that is some people’s coffee orders to the ability to customize everything from new bicycles to smartphones has driven the shift to a unique purchase process than ever before. That’s how we are accustomed to shopping and, frankly, it’s only one of the reasons why we’ve built similar customization into our own VoIP products and services.

Building More Options Into VoIP Each Day

While they may not have the same type of daydream potential as customizing your next dream car, our flexible VoIP products and services represent a new era in telecom, one where customers, not providers, decide what their service looks like. In fact, we have had such success building unique telecom systems for our customers that we’ve even begun offering Custom Voice Solutions that offer a bespoke and totally unique system for businesses in need. With this service, we employ a smooth collaborative process with our customer to identify all of the parameters of what their ideal communications network looks like. Then, following the presentation of various proposed solutions, we take the best option and implement it for the customer. Perhaps in this way, Custom Voice Solutions are less like building a new car online and more like having a custom kitchen installed in your home without all of the delays and hidden costs, that is!

Business Needs Supersede Shopping Choices

The fact that each organization has differing needs is exactly why we have more shopping choices than almost any other telecom provider. We offer products that can’t be found anywhere else in the entire hosted telecommunications industry that leverage the same type of customization today’s shoppers expect. We made them like this because we know all of our businesses are unique and so, too, are their needs. Plus, engineering-heavy products that lack the gloss or intuitiveness of consumer applications have historically dominated the VoIP industry. This doesn’t work for everyone because not every business has an on-site IT engineer to operate a complex VoIP system. That’s why we think that anyone who can use a desk phone should be able to use their virtual phone system, too. With that in mind, our Dash platform continues to win accolades for its revolutionarily simple interface and intuitive design. With Dash, any employee can be designated as an admin because anyone can navigate the system within minutes of exposure to it.

Unbranded Service for Ultimate Shopping Choices

Well, to be more specific, VPN for VoIP Service is less of an unbranded service and more of a brand agnostic one. But similar to Dash, VPN for VoIP Service has also won a heap of praise and recognition from the telecom industry because of its limitless applications for business to improve their hosted communications, regardless of who their telecom provider is. VPN for VoIP Service boosts shopping choices for telecom customers because, thanks to our vast array of expertise with unified communications systems and fluency with a plethora of ISP and VoIP service providers, we’re able to offer VoIP remediation services for any hosted telecom customer, anywhere. Additionally, because many VoIP providers have either limited or pay-for-support customer service options, VPN for VoIP is often times the least expensive or only remediation option available for non-VirtualPBX clients.

Looking Forward Towards Even More Options

As long as we present options that provide a specific benefit to our customers rather than ones that merely represent added options for options’ sake, we’ll keep moving forward. Fortunately, the unique products we offer and the customizable features of those products themselves continue to delight business owners who have struggled to find meaningful and lasting solutions to their communications challenges. The positive feedback these products gain from our customers, our own expectations as consumers, and the feedback loop from our VirtualPBX Product Roadmap all contribute to our mission of improving VoIP options across the board. Who knows? Maybe even someday you’ll be poking around with the equivalent of a sports package and roof rack as you build the future of VirtualPBX products online. Of course, that may be a few more years off yet, but it’s fun to think about.

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