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Voice and Video Meetings on the VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone

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Voice and Video Meetings on the VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone

Voice and Video Meetings on the VirtualPBX Desktop SoftphoneOne of the first devices we were able to bring Video Calling to was the VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone. This has enabled our testing team and customers to hold voice and video meetings with native apps on their Macs and PCs.

Our softphone is a powerful application. Its merits are worth repeating, and it has only improved since adding video calling capability.

Video Conferences

In the development of our Video Calling feature we added 1-to-1 video calls to our softphone as one of our first steps. This allowed us to use an application we knew well as a test bed for what basic video chats would be like. It also gave us a proof of concept for how video would function on multiple operating systems.

The testing process for all the phones we’re verifying with Video Calling involves multiple steps. We check that 1-to-1 calling works and that video-to-voice chats work. Video conferences are then added to the mix.

Now our desktop softphone can handle all those situations and, in turn, has become an even more robust application.

VirtualPBX Phone System Features

VirtualPBX Softphone With Salesforce CRM IntegrationWe offer an extensive feature list for our Business Phone Plans that include necessities like Auto Attendant, Ring Groups, and Voicemail and reach into enterprise features like ACD Queues and Salesforce CRM Integration.

In addition to voice and video meeting capability, our desktop softphone can be used in all the features listed above. It’s also unique in its ability to work directly with customers’ Salesforce accounts so they can easily track contacts and reach leads with a single click to call.

Voice and Video Meetings

The VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone fits well in a number of business situations.

For smaller businesses that work remotely, it can help co-workers meet through voice and video meetings to keep everyone connected. Enterprise-level companies and call centers can benefit by adding the softphone to the computers of employees who complete a lot of calls each day.

We’ve had success with the VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone in our development of the Video Calling feature. Now we share it as an option for our customers in our Video Call beta test who want to become early adopters.

Interested in joining us? Get in touch today.

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