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Meet Our Newest CRM Integration: Zendesk

Zendesk Feature Image

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Meet Our Newest CRM Integration: Zendesk

Deliver The Industries Best Customer Service With Seamless Integration And Reports

VirtualPBX Contact Center is thrilled to introduce our newest CRM integration: Zendesk. At VirtualPBX, we’re dedicated to enhancing your communications, and our Zendesk integration is the latest step toward achieving that goal. This integration seamlessly merges the functionalities of VirtualPBX Contact Center with Zendesk, revolutionizing the way you handle customer interactions.

Zendesk CRM Integration

Zendesk CRM Integration Features

Incoming Call Screenpops: Receive helpful caller information directly within Zendesk.

Answer Calls In Zendesk: Seamlessly handle incoming calls without switching between platforms.

Automatic Call Details: Automatically add call details as ticket notes with a link to the recorded call for easy reference.

Outbound Calls with Click-to-Call: Make outbound calls directly from contact records with just one click.

Embedded Dialpad: Access your dialpad within Zendesk, complete with call history and missed calls.

Direct Links to Contacts: Easily access contact records in Zendesk directly from your dialpad.

Access Recorded Calls: Review all recorded call activities conveniently from your call history menu.

Zendesk CRM Integration

Key Benefits of Zendesk CRM Integration

Enhanced Customer Support Capabilities: By integrating VirtualPBX Contact Center with Zendesk, you can supercharge your customer support efforts. Above all, this fusion brings together the best features of your contact center calling solution and CRM, providing a comprehensive platform for delivering exceptional customer service.

Streamlined Communication with Embedded Softphone: Our integration includes an embedded Softphone app, empowering your team to handle calls directly within the Zendesk platform. Additionally, this feature not only streamlines communication but also centralizes all relevant information, improving efficiency and productivity.

Effortless Call Management: With features like call history and recording playback, agents can easily access callers’ CRM records, view past interactions, and playback calls without ever leaving Zendesk. Furthermore, the system automatically creates detailed event histories, simplifying the process of managing customer interactions.

One-Click Dialing with Click-to-Call: Save your agents’ valuable time and ensure call accuracy with our one-click dialing feature, click to call. Furthermore, this convenient feature allows agents to dial with just one click, while also providing options for call tracking and presenting the appropriate calling party number.

Zendesk CRM Integration Consultation & Demo

Ready to elevate your Zendesk CRM to new heights of customer service? Schedule a free consultation and demo with our team soon to learn more about our powerful Native Zendesk CRM Integration. Start today and revolutionize how you handle customer interactions!

In conclusion, with VirtualPBX’s Zendesk CRM Integration, you can streamline your communication processes, boost productivity, and deliver exceptional customer support—all from within the familiar environment of Zendesk. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your customer service to the next level!

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