Get Online Faxing Without the Expense of a Traditional Machine

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Get Online Faxing Without the Expense of a Traditional Machine

Faxing a necessity in many workplaces today; however, it doesn’t have to be done with an outdated fax machine. Online fax technology is becoming more and more popular among businesses that are looking for a more efficient and cost-effective way to share documents.

While the benefits and extra features of a VoIP phone system are typically well-known, many people are unaware of one of the best features that VoIP can offer: faxing without a fax machine. A great VoIP provider offers a built-in online fax service, also known as Internet fax service, which works for both inbound and outbound faxing. This means that you can have all the benefits of faxing without having to purchase a fax machine, and no additional fax line or phone number is required. Below are the two major benefits of using online faxing:

  • Fax ButtonsSave Money
    While many Internet fax products cost you a fee every month, a reliable VoIP provider will offer an Internet fax service for free with normal business usage, up to a certain number of pages. For example, a great deal might include 100 fax pages every month at no charge, and then 5.9 cents per page after that. This can save your company a large amount of money on a monthly basis, as well as on the initial purchase or rental — often unnecessary expenses for companies who don’t use fax all that often.
  • Receive Better Features

    For inbound faxes, callers can simply dial your number and press the send button on their fax machine. The system automatically detects the fax, receive it electronically, and post it to your account. A good system will then allow you to view it online or have it forwarded to your e-mail address – it’s as simple as that.

    For outbound faxes, you would be able to upload your documents to your online fax library and send as needed. A great provider will likely offer you a library to store your documents in so that you can send them again without the hassle of finding and re-uploading the files. This is ideal for businesses that find themselves faxing the same form to customers or clients on a regular basis.

With an Internet fax capability, you save money while receiving better features than a traditional fax service. If you’re looking for a more efficient and cost-effective way to share documents, e-faxing is your answer.

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