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How Web Phone and Free Online Number Help Call Centers

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How Web Phone and Free Online Number Help Call Centers

Piggy bank - A free online number can help businesses save moneyMany call centers use software-based phones to have agents accept inbound calls. For new centers, the pairing of software and a free online number can help them begin operations quickly.

Taking advantage of a free phone number and the Web Phone available from VirtualPBX also makes it affordable to begin taking calls.

Today’s blog will look at the possibility of quick call center setup and cost savings through the VirtualPBX browser-based phone and the included phone number that comes with all our phone plans.

Quick Call Center Setup

The primary function of any call center is to complete calls. This function, of course, requires that the center have a phone number where customers can reach them.

Each VirtualPBX Business Phone Plan comes with at least one free phone number. For call centers, this lifeline can give their customers access to all agents on a VirtualPBX plan.

How VoIP Numbers Work

A call center of five representatives could begin accepting calls as easily as one with 100.

Phone numbers on a VoIP plan don’t run into the limitation of one caller per number. A single online phone number can be paired with as many users as necessary. The only limitation is the number of users on the VoIP account.

Yealink T21PWe allow an unlimited number of users to be added to an account. The process of adding users is simple, and with a phone number already in place, the only remaining task is to give those users access to a phone.

Cost Savings and Quick Startup

The initial cost of setting up any business phone system lies predominately in hardware.

Basic IP phones can set you back $80 each or more. Across dozens of employees, the out-of-pocket cost can stretch into the thousands.

This isn’t to say that hardware phones aren’t worth their costs. Many models like those in the VirtualPBX Store – even basic ones – provide users with storage for phone directories, support for conferencing, and call history access. These and other features can work well in many situations, and for businesses with a lot of cash on hand, the financial impact may not be a burden.

For new call centers, however, the ability to make calls quickly is paramount. Software-based phones pair well with a free online phone number to get businesses up and running in minutes. Call center agents simply need a device that can run the software.

Web Browser Compatibility

VirtualPBX Web PhoneThe VirtualPBX Web Phone has the advantage of running natively within the web browser. It can work in any WebRTC-compatible browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera) on devices that support those browsers.

This gives the Web Phone an advantage over software that might work only on Windows or Mac computers. There are versions of major web browsers for most operating systems, so call centers can set up workstations for their agents and deploy the Web Phone in only a few minutes.

In some cases, this may entail the setup of computers; for others, this may mean using mobile devices. No matter the device, the Web Phone can access all the features of its underlying VoIP system.

Full-Featured Software Phone

The VirtualPBX Web Phone can access all the features available in our VoIP phone system. It acts like any desktop phone and can be added to any user.

What this means for call centers is that, with the Web Phone, users can accept incoming calls, park calls, and transfer calls as necessary. They have full control over the calls on their lines.

Likewise, system administrators can add a user’s Web Phone to a Ring Group or ACD Queue, so calls can be routed to the proper groups and individuals. Admins can monitors live calls through the ACD Queues dashboard and distribute calls by categories like round robin, to spread calls randomly, but evenly across a field of representatives.

Don’t Miss Your Free Online Number

The pair of Web Phone and free online number are a great combination to get businesses running quickly and without aggressive up-front costs.

Call centers and other burgeoning business stand to benefit from these features. It’s a simple way to begin making and receiving calls without the hassle of setting up hardware phones and then procuring and porting a phone number.

The entire package is ready with all VirtualPBX plans.

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