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Blacklisted Numbers: Keeping Your Business Connected… To the Right People!

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Blacklisted Numbers: Keeping Your Business Connected… To the Right People!

Blacklisted NumbersWe’ve always made it our business to ensure that every single telephone call one of our VoIP users places or receives is connected as quickly and efficiently as possible. Today, we threw that all out the window with the introduction of our newest feature to the Dash business phone feature set. Don’t worry, though, because these are the calls that you’d have wished to never get in the first place, specifically, SPAM callers. With our new Blacklisted Numbers feature, you can begin to do just that.

Sometimes the Best Things are Those that go Unsaid

I’m sure you’re interested in talking about new office copier repair services in the middle of a board meeting. That’s just about as compelling as discussing the new slicer-dicer-banana-peeler that a telemarketer wants to interest you in right as you’re sitting down to dinner. Because we know how tedious some of the SPAM callers out there can be, plus how legitimately malicious some telephone fraud can be, we set out to address that issue. By introducing a Blacklisted Numbers feature to Dash, we’ve been able to empower users to add and manage all of the known SPAM numbers available. Additionally, then those blacklists can be immediately blocked from all extensions so that the callers can’t leverage other employees in their attempts to separate you from your wallet.

Plenty of New Features to Come

Remember that we’re constantly working to improve our existing technology in addition to introducing new products, every day. If you have any ideas on features you’d like to see added to your favorite VoIP plans, you can always follow our VirtualPBX Product Roadmap. Plus, you can also qualify for early access to BETA programs, incentives, and just have a more involved role in the future composition and function of your own business telephone system, as well. You can also always find us online on Twitter and Facebook, too, plus our phones are open literally 24 hours a day if you need us. So drop us a line, we promise you’re not on the Blacklisted Numbers.

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