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Auto-Attendant & Waffle Irons

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Auto-Attendant & Waffle Irons

Waffle IronFake it Until You Make It: Auto-Attendant

I remember going into one of my first interviews at a financial firm years ago remembering what a broker I worked with used to tell me, “fake it until you make it.” I went into that room with the intention of doing just that and, who would have thought? They saw right through me. Trying to be something you aren’t isn’t just a bad idea, it’s bad business.

Polite Introduction, Impressive Polish

Fast forward to today when I was thrilled to learn about how one of our satisfied customers uses his Auto Attendant feature. He likes the VirtualPBX features so much that he left a glowing Yelp review that you can find on our Testimonials page. Auto Attendant is the best way to get a centralized call directory experience for your callers. Answering and providing options to callers without an actual receptionist is more than just a way to cut down on overhead and operational costs, it’s also a way to elevate the first experience callers will have with your company.

David V., a customer from Rowland Heights, CA, said that, “We’ve been using VirtualPBX for years. It helps our company appear much bigger than it is while also providing the services we need.”

That is a terrific review and we’re thrilled to help people boost their morale with such a dialed-in, detailed decorum. However, I would also like to suggest that David already had the professionalism and stature that he found in the Auto-Attendant all along.

No Need to Pretend

It was while I was reading David’s review that I was reminded of the advice from my former coworker. I don’t believe that companies like David’s need to fake anything, I believe he already has the large, successful corporation that he wants to be viewed as, VirtualPBX merely made it possible to sound that way a little bit sooner. Was Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman not already a visionary when he used his wife’s waffle iron to make the sole of the company’s first running shoe? Of course he was. And just like how Nike saw how it could rival the then-dominant Adidas with an innovative, cost-effective alternative, companies like David’s are doing the same thing every day.

VirtualPBX’s Auto-Attendant and the mountain of other features it comes with are helping entrepreneurs find innovative, cost-effective alternatives to the relative indentured servitude of traditional phone service. With the vision to see and seize an advantage, and the right tools to get the job done, VirtualPBX is helping today’s David’s become tomorrow’s Bowerman’s.

Get in touch today and see how we can help make your business dream a reality.

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