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Our ACD Queues Pro Feature is Now Available

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Our ACD Queues Pro Feature is Now Available

The VirtualPBX team is excited to announce the release of our ACD Queues Pro feature, the newest addition to our VirtualPBX Business Phone System.

ACD Queues Pro extends the functionality of our existing ACD Queues feature. While they’re both call routing tools, Pro gives large businesses more fine-grained control over call flows, routing, and inbound traffic behavior. It can help businesses manage expansive on-site and remote teams with ease.

ACD Queues Pro Capabilities

Whisper and Barge

The Whisper feature of a call queues program allows managers to speak to agents in a behind-the-scenes manner. Our ACD Queues Pro feature uses Whisper to allow administrators to speak live to an agent who is already engaged in a call. This takes place without the customer hearing what’s being said between manager and agent.

Similarly, we allow administrators to Barge calls and create a full 3-way call between manager, agent, and customer. Everyone can hear what the other participants are saying.

Hold Treatment

ACD Queues Pro Hold TreatmentWe also offer a full Hold Treatment section of our ACD Queues Pro dashboard where administrators can build custom routes for inbound callers to experience while they’re waiting for an agent to answer the call.

As one quick example: A queue could be set to play a file that announces the business hours, then announce the caller’s expected wait time and queue position, and finally play several minutes of hold music. This pattern can repeat until an agent has begun speaking live with the customer.

Call Recording

Call Recording within our ACD Queues Pro feature will capture all inbound and outbound traffic on a per-agent level.

This can be an extremely useful tool for training; an agent can have their calls recorded and then played back during a future training session with a manager. Recordings of an experience agent could also be useful to demonstrate how successful calls have worked in past call campaigns.

ACD Queues Pro Call RoutingAdvanced Call Routing

ACD Queues Pro offers several strategies for call routing, including Most Idle, Least Calls Handled, Least Offers Made, and Round Robin.

These types of routing can suit different styles of business operations and goals. For instance, a Round Robin setting may work well to evenly distribute calls across a large group of experienced agents. On the other hand, Least Calls Handled may be more suited to a business that wants to engage agents that have experienced a low call volume during a shift.

Activity Logs

Activity Logs in our ACD Queues Pro feature give managers a high-level overview of agent activity. This section of the dashboard shows agents, type of activity, and phone numbers of callers — all of which can be searched through to provide a closer look at a single aspect of call activity.

Logs can be viewed live within the dashboard or downloaded to be analyzed in external software. This capability compliments our Call Reports feature, which also links directly to VirtualPBX Phone Plans and offers a full company call history that can be filtered through multiple call criteria.

Get Started With VirtualPBX

VirtualPBX COO Lon Baker commented about this feature release, noting that ACD Queues Pro is “one more step in the direction of giving our clients greater control over their inbound calls.”

He continued by saying that our whole team is excited to see this feature go live.

“Now clients have the options of Ring Groups, ACD Queues, and the new ACD Queues Pro for various levels of call routing complexity. It’s fantastic to see this put into place when so many companies are looking for full-featured, powerful call routing options that work directly alongside their base phone plans.”

Companies using our Advanced and Enterprise Unlimited Minute Plans can get started with ACD Queues Pro right away. It makes a great fit for call centers, campaign headquarters, and distributed customer support teams, among many others who we’re happy to assist today.

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