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Help-You-Sell Adopts Dash To Route Calls Effectively

Help-U-Sell Real Estate is a leading network of agents and home sellers that uses franchise models to extend it’s footprint in helping to serve its thousands of customers. The Silicon Valley Sellers, a subsidiary of Help-U-Sell, is a full service discount real estate firm operating out of Southern Santa Clara County that boosts its presence and improves its customer service while saving money with hosted telephone service from VirtualPBX.

The Challenge

Silicon Valley Sellers has been a thriving member of the Silicon Valley real estate community since 2004 and, having survived the financial crisis of the mid 2000’s, knows how to weather the storm. Silicon Valley Sellers Founder and General Manager Charlie Galaviz Sr. built a thriving real estate clientele by offering exceptional service without many of the high costs traditionally associated with buying and selling a home. To maintain that practice and remain profitable, he began to operate a virtual real estate office during the last recession that began a new phase of digital success for his company. Being able to retain his competitive balance of service and value was Galaviz’s primary objective, and he delivered on that with a technological solution.

The Solution

Once his office shuttered its physical doors to save on overhead, the Silicon Valley Sellers team relocated into the cloud thanks to a savvy digital marketing strategy and an advanced hosted PBX telephone system. The team at Silicon Valley Sellers has been successful in implementing the latest digital techniques to grow its audience and drive customer acquisition. Even though keeping up with the latest in digital marketing techniques can be a bit hectic, Galaviz’s team has found stability in their partnership with VirtualPBX.

According to Galaviz, “The tactics and tools of a digital marketing strategy are always changing, and we’re likely to keep learning new ones as we go. Using VirtualPBX is great because it’s the best option for my company now and I know it’s constantly being tested and improved to remain useful well into the future. That’s something that you just can’t rely on in most digital tools.”

How VirtualPBX Helps

Because VirtualPBX has features that come with enterprise-grade telephone systems, what was initially just a cost-saving switch has actually been more beneficial than Galaviz originally anticipated. Being able to rely on the following features, specifically, has streamlined the communication process that is so vital to real estate agents and their clients.

  • Auto-Attendant – By dividing inbound callers into existing clients, new buyers and sellers, and those with general real estate questions, Silicon Valley Sellers can direct them to the team members who are most qualified to help them. Plus, because the system is totally remote, it can forward those calls to wherever the agents happen to be, directly to their mobile devices.
  • Email to Fax – Real estate is a document-driven business and nothing expedites Silicon Valley Sellers’ sales process more than the ability to send and receive Fax documents to and from the business telephone number they have through VirtualPBX Office.
  • Personalized Greetings – The experts who recorded the studio-quality audio for Silicon Valley Sellers’ voice greetings gave Galaviz an added polish and professionalism to his phone system that he felt had been lacking in his previous system.

Additional benefits

Even with all of the clear advantages that it has over his former business phone system, Galaviz expects to continue finding new ways to get more from his VitualPBX service. With the clear, concise, and constant communications that he receives that cover updates, new features, and cross-promotional opportunities, Silicon Valley Sellers believes they have more than just a service provider in VirtualPBX.

“The attention my company has received during the onboarding period and throughout our relationship with VirtualPBX assures me that my Office Plan is more than just a telephone solution. We strive in our own business to build true partnerships with our clients, and that’s exactly what we’ve found with VirtualPBX,” concluded Galaviz.

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