How VirtualPBX 24/7 Customer Support Makes us the Keebler Elves of VoIP

Customer Support Keebler Elves of VoIPWe’ve been at the grindstone for over 20 years now building, selling, and servicing some of the greatest business telephone systems available. Sometimes, when we look back on the things we’ve produced or take a peek down the VirtualPBX Product Roadmap, it can get pretty unbelievable to consider all of the changes that have occurred over that time. Plus, building things may be our wheelhouse, but servicing our customers is really our true passion. That’s why sometimes it can feel, just as the various armies of small, diligent workers that build some of our favorite cookies and snacks, like we’re operating our own oak tree factory sometimes, too. Now, with us unveiling a totally new 24/7, year-round, US-Based, and totally included with every plan, Customer Support policy for vConsole, that’s true now more than ever before.

Millions of Little Hands Hard at Work

I’ll admit it could be creepy to consider comparing ourselves to some of the more fringe depictions of laborers in fantasy. Nobody likes the idea of the forced subservience of Roald Dahl’s Oompa Loompas, after all. However, I believe the comparison stands because, according to the bedtime stories of families that celebrate Christmas, it’s the diligence of Santa’s Elves that make all the toys for all the children in the world each year. Plus, the Doozers from Fraggle Rock dutifully build their structures only to have them repeatedly setback time and time again. Not too unlike real construction sometimes, no? We can liken ourselves to those hard-working little Doozers or the Keebler Elves because our work is definitely a labor of love. Plus, it’s best that we are now available to literally every customer in over 100 countries all night long because, when you cover such a large area, it’s dangerous to assume that it’s not also the middle of the workday somewhere else.

Getting the Most From Your Service

Admittedly, this has been in the works for a while. Once we opened up our 24 hour service to Dash, users, we knew we couldn’t leave our other products and services behind for long. But there was also some great feedback we got on both the VirtualPBX Product Roadmap and through our social media channels that really reinforced the decision to unroll 24/7 Customer Support to vConsole users, as well. Which leads us to the next point being that if you ever want to see more or less of something with your service, let us know! We’re always around (ahem, 24/7…) and always eager to hear what you have to say. If contacting our Customer Support through the regular channels isn’t your preference, you can also always reach us on Twitter or Facebook, too. Either way, please enjoy the new 24/7 coverage and I apologize if now, all you can think of is cookies and Willy Wonka. Go grab a snack, you deserve one!

Final Call – After Hours Answering Service

final call after hours answering serviceRecently a lawmaker in California proposed the idea of allowing bars and restaurants to extend final call from 2:00 AM to 4:00 AM. We don’t really view ourselves as experts on the merits of a longer window for alcohol sales, but we sure do know about late nights. We have customers all over the world and, as a result, we operate in a 24-hour business cycle. That’s why introducing our After Hours Answering Service has been a natural step in the progression of our products and services.

After Hours Answering Service Means NO Final Call!

When you have a 24-hour business day, you need to hedge your resources to keep coverage up around the clock. Sometimes, though, that isn’t a viable option in spite of what your requirements are. We have lots of customers who find themselves in this situation from time to time. Whether headcount changes create vacancies in your workday or if your business simply grows faster than you can accommodate it, customers in need are equally high priorities no matter where in the day or night they arise. With a VirtualPBX Professional Answering Services, you get access to as large of a team of trained, scalable, professional, and highly screened experienced receptionists as you need. Plus, this cost-effective method of keeping the lines open 24 hours a day is the fastest way to have a fully dedicated call center staff without any of the training or time commitments of starting your own. With us handling the overnight crowd on your behalf, you don’t have to worry about when to determine where “final call” comes around in your office ever again.

Professional Services For Your Whole Business

We have had such a good reception to our new After Hours Answering Service for a lot of reasons. Not the slightest of which is the caliber of our team of professional receptionists who meet both our customers’ and our own exacting standards. Another reason that we had such a smooth integration of After Hours Answering Services into our offerings was that managing communications services for our clients is such an enormous portion of what we do. Because the majority of the industry recognition that we get is for our own proprietary technology, our robust Professional Services often are spared the limelight. Truth be told, though, we invest as much time and attention into building out the systems that not only provide expert after hours answering services, but also brand agnostic VoIP remediation, network optimization, and emergency failover services.

So the next time you find yourself at the office late into the night and wonder if you can get home or to dinner with some coworkers before final call, remember that VirtualPBX has the solution. Never close your office, or simply improve productivity with an enhanced network all through VirtualPBX Professional Services and you’ll also never have to miss another final call again, either. No matter how late or early it happens to be!

What the Patriots Can Teach You About VoIP Clear Fix Service

Patriots Tom Brady VoIP Clear FixThe ticker tape has been falling on the New England Patriots for what seems like an eternity. Or, at least for a diehard Steelers fan such as myself, it can certainly feel like it will never end, but that’s not the point. The point here is that, for those of you who watched the playing of Super Bowl LI in Houston this past Sunday, it was a very good lesson in the fact that it’s never over until it’s actually over. The stick-to-itiveness of the Patriots is the focus of an analogy for our VoIP Clear Fix Service in that even if all other options appear to have been exhausted, there is always a way to get the job done if you just keep trying.

This is no Motivational Poster

Look, I’m not going to sit here and try to convince you of the power of a positive mental attitude and give you a locker-room pep talk. What I am going to do is relate the countless stories we’ve heard over the past two decades from customers who have switched to VirtualPBX because they’ve had it with a seemingly uncorrectable quality issue on their VoIP service. To be completely honest, many of these businesses didn’t want to leave their VoIP provider because they had otherwise positive experiences but had simply reached the end of their ropes insofar as call quality, specifically relating to network issues, was concerned. The real risk here is that many of the companies with an experience like this could be forced to revert back to a costly on-site PBX with doubts that a hosted system will be able to meet their standards. This is where the analogy about hanging in there is relevant.

Exhaust Your Options, Not Yourself

Again, I hate that I have to mention the poise and focus of the Patriots, but the stats suggested that they really should have just phoned-in the last quarter of the game. Until this past Sunday, in NFL postseason history, teams trailing by 19 points or more through 3 quarters had a 0-93 record. That’s how many points the Patriots trailed by, and yet they still hung in there to force the first overtime in Super Bowl history and win on their opening drive therein. To continue the corollary into business VoIP, some businesses that have network bandwidth issues can have mediocre corrections presented to them. Typically, this involves throttling all other non-voice related traffic across their network. This is an unattractive option for many companies who (gasp) rely on the internet for far more than just their telephones. VoIP Clear Fix Solutions address this head-on by tunneling an alternate, protected, and reinforced channel exclusively for the travel of voice traffic to and from your network. This simultaneously leaves the bulk of other network activity to be unaffected, so Johnson in the cube next to you can stream the victory parade in Boston totally unaffected. Gag.

Another option that is widely unknown to VoIP subscribers across all providers is that when an issue arises in the actual ISP that connects their business to the internet, there are rarely any solutions to be had. VoIP Clear Fix Service is actually something that can help all businesses in diagnosing and correcting these types of challenges, regardless of who their provider is. Thanks to our engineers’ vast array of experience with VoIP remediation, they can accurately pinpoint where in a network any issues exists. Plus, if it happens to be in an ISP, they can even negotiate alternative connections for a company, often at huge monthly savings, too! The most incredible facet of the VoIP Clear Fix Service is that these examples and dozens of other possible solutions can all be conducted for any VoIP customer of any VoIP provider.

More Than One Way to Win

There’s one more bewildering, though undeniably impressive, statistic from the last game of the 2016 NFL season that is pertinent here. The Patriots led the football game for exactly zero seconds, and yet they still managed to win by scoring a touchdown in sudden death overtime. If nothing else, that proves that there are definitely more ways to win than we might initially think, and so too does VoIP Clear Fix prove that there are more options than may initially be made available. The above are just a sample of how VoIP Clear Fix Service has helped companies of all descriptions and sizes correct their call quality issues, regardless of who their VoIP provider is. And when a business is locked-in to a contract that would be too costly to break, especially just to return to an inadequate landline PBX, there can seem to be nowhere else to turn. That’s why, even if it comes with the dubious distinction of leveraging the historic win by the New England Patriots to do it, sharing the value of a VoIP Clear Fix Service solution from VirtualPBX is worth the effort.

In need of your own unbelievable win over poor voice quality? No problem. We have an opening just for your business to discuss your problems, explore your options, and deliver a game-winning solution right now. Contact our network-engineering experts today to get started. And remember, there’s always next year.

Dealer’s Choice – Custom Voice Solutions

Dealer's ChoiceDealer’s choice is a term we toss around the office every now and then during brainstorms. Need a new image for a banner ad? Dealer’s choice. Got a recommendation for a new webinar and want to put together some partners? You got it, dealer’s choice. This is an easy concept for us to accept here because we are a well-supported team who trusts each other to know exactly what they’ll need to succeed. We understand that when someone who knows his or her craft, they are the experts on how to succeed in it and that’s the mindset we’ve taken into our Custom Voice Solutions services. Because when companies have needs that can’t be met with an off-the-shelf solution, it’s time to work our options to fit them, not the other way around.

What Exactly Are Custom Voice Solutions?

It’s difficult to define what exactly Custom Voice Solutions are simply because they have, so far, come in such a wide variety of forms. For some companies, they have been in the form of turnkey VoIP Call Centers that come fully-staffed with trained, professional, and scalable call center receptionists. For others, it may be helping to design an elegant caller experience for single lines that reach teams with both 9-5 and 24/7 employees. The point is that no matter what the needs of our customers are, we’re tasked with meeting them to their exact specification. Fortunately, for most businesses large or small, our robust Dash Plans typically have more features and customization than they will ever need. For those who require more, however, we get to roll up our sleeves and really dig into our toolbox to build the bespoke business telephone solutions that serve them to a tee.

How to know if you need a Custom Voice Solution

For many of our customers on Dash or a custom service, they weren’t fully aware of all of the options available to them when they set out to secure a hosted phone system. For others, they had meticulously researched their choices but hadn’t considered a custom service simply because they hadn’t had any examples of them in action to review. For those who are curious about a Custom Voice Solution but don’t know where to begin, we invite them to speak to one of our expert call system designers who are available to walk them through the full battery of options available to them. We’d love to hear from you if you have challenges with your business voice traffic. We’ve got a full desk of tools to offer businesses of all shapes and sizes, now it’s up to you, the dealer, to call the game.

Learn From Goldilocks – Custom Voice Solutions

GoldilocksSurely you recall the children’s story of Goldilocks, the young girl who had as particular taste as she did the willingness to violate private property laws to satisfy them. All kidding of the nursery rhyme’s condoning of breaking and entering aside, Goldilocks is a fine example of what we as consumers should come to expect these days. We live in a time where more of our physical world can be customized to suit our exact specification. Advances in manufacturing, accelerated deliveries, and a greater sense of individualism than ever before have all conspired to create a very customized world. As true as this is for consumers, it is unsurprisingly becoming so for businesses because (gasp!), businesses are run by people! It’s with that in mind that we want to roll out the all-new Custom Voice Solutions service from VirtualPBX.

Custom Voice Solutions

When Goldilocks kept on trying new porridge until she found the right temperature, she was doing more than depriving a forest-dwelling family of their humble dinner. Not settling for the first option, easiest one, or simply something that just doesn’t quite fit is the only way to ensure you get what you need. And until recently, businesses looking to solve their every telecommunications need had to settle on an awful lot of items. Custom Voice Solutions aren’t a simple product or service, instead, they include every single technology, technique, and strategy we’ve ever employed to get your communications to where they need to be. In addition to the already impressive array of products and services that we have to offer, our Custom Voice Solutions engineers have the freedom to work with you to ensure that no option is left unconsidered.

What Are you Getting with Custom Voice?

The blond bandit was on to something- try before you buy. But when something is being made specifically for your exact needs, there isn’t an existing product for you to give a test drive with, of course. That’s why we’ve jotted down some examples of various challenges our Custom Voice Solutions clients have had.

  • Designing complex decision trees for separate departments that work closely together like customer service, finance, and sales.
  • Designing an inbound call routing system for a company with one telephone number but different hours of operation (24-hour support but a 9-5 accounting team, for example) for each department to direct traffic accordingly.
  • Defining the best call routing for individual contributors who rotate between field work, in the office, or at alternate locations.

Solutions Made With You, Not For You

I assume that Goldilocks would have been able to have a snack and a nap if she had just opened up to the bears with some dialogue, but we’ll never know. The point here is that we’re not in the business of prescribing the right way for anyone to run their company. Quite the contrary, in fact. Over the course of the past 20 years, we’ve been able to learn a great deal about how certain industries benefit from hosted communications differently from others. We bring that structural expertise and into conversations on your institutional knowledge to build a bespoke telecommunications network that fits your company perfectly and will grow with it seamlessly.

With access to the total spectrum of VoIP features and with the full support and backing of our expert engineers, making a call to solve your every telecommunications need has never been easer. Beginning the process is easy, too, simply get in touch with us today, and we’ll start working for you. You won’t even have to eat any porridge, we promise.

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