Introducing The Brand New VoIP Clear Fix Service from VirtualPBX

new-voip-clear-fix-serviceEvery technology has a field of experts that specialize in maintaining and repairing all of the types of challenges those users of the technology encounter. This shouldn’t be a foreign concept to anyone who has ever taken their car to a mechanic or even taken a garment to a tailor for alterations. Expertise on a topic and the ability to correct typically hasn’t been dependent on knowledge of one specific brand or style, but rather on a greater understanding of the area in general. That’s what really defines an expert. This is why we found it strange that there existed no such option for companies who rely on VoIP for their communications beyond the Customer Support of their service provider. And that is exactly why we decided to build the industry’s first, totally brand agnostic telephony optimization service. Introducing the brand new VoIP Clear Fix Service from VirtualPBX!

What is VoIP Clear Fix Service?

Remember the lonely Maytag Repairman who never had anything to do because of the reliability of those Maytag appliances he was trained to service? Well, imagine if he had taken his wealth of repair knowledge and offered it to owners of all sorts of appliances. This is a lot like what we’ve been able to do with our brand new VoIP Clear Fix Service. VoIP Clear Fix Service is a series of steps taken for the owner of a hosted communications network to optimize, protect, and maintain impeccable voice traffic without compromising the overall data use of an organization. We accomplish this through several steps that build an alternate channel for all of your voice communications to be routed via our protected hosted environment. By creating an impenetrable tunnel for your voice communications that bypasses all of your company’s typical internet traffic, we create the ideal environment for all of your hosted communications from important conference calling to Johnson checking his Fantasy Football team.

Who Can Use VoIP Clear Fix?

Because we had been building this type of voice protections for our clients for so long, we started to get referrals to members of other hosted telecom service providers who wanted the same benefits. This is where we revolutionized the Maytag Repairman approach to providing this service. Variations in software as a service for voice communications certainly exist, and we are proud to have benefitted from differentiating some of our VoIP platforms to our competitors’ accordingly. However, much of the actual network architecture that needs to be manipulated in order to create an optimized telecommunications system is universal. Therefore, we are able to offer this service to any company that employs a hosted business phone system, regardless of their provider.

How To Get Started

This is perhaps the easiest part of it all. We have a nationwide network of remote teams who are on call to deploy VoIP Clear Fix Service solutions anywhere in the lower 48 United States. Additionally, our in-house Support Experts are also here 365 days a year from 7:00 AM-7:00 PM Pacific Time to field your questions and get you started. To find out what type of optimizations we can provide for your business with a VoIP Clear Fix Service, simply follow this link to get the process started. You are just a few minutes and clicks away from never having to worry about your telephone network failing again, thanks to the all-new VoIP Clear Fix Service from VirtualPBX!

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch? VirtualPBX Affiliate Program

Free Lunch Affiliate ProgramThere’s no such thing as a free lunch, right? Well for the most part, that’s a true statement, but there are some cases where lunch comes pretty easily. Freelancers and digital nomads who use our virtual phone systems have learned how to stretch a dollar with our service, and we’ve got a few more tricks for them, too. For many people who rely on the gig economy to make ends meet, affiliate programs like ours are a real shot in the arm. In fact, ours is one of the most lucrative payouts in all of the hosted telephony industry, and we’ve just made it even better.

Dash On Affiliates

By now you may already know about the award-winning hosted telephone system, Dash, but what you may not realize is how Dash can help you make money, not just save money. Through the VirtualPBX Affiliate Program you can almost earn that free lunch simply by promoting your own website. Wait, that can’t be right, can it?

It’s true, not only does each referral from you to a VirtualPBX plan come with great commissions, the rate of businesses switching to a hosted communications plan is actually on the rise, too. In fact, in a recent study by the Edgewater Network, it was found that over 70% of businesses plan to switch to VoIP over the next two years. For entrepreneurs savvy enough to have enlisted partners like VirtualPBX into their referral network, this massive shift into VoIP represents a veritable bonanza of business. This combined with the fact that both the new Dash and VirtualPBX’s Office Plans are each eligible for referral bonuses, and that free lunch might just be come a reality, after all.

More Than Just Support

We at VirtualPBX want you to succeed as a small business, just like all of our customers. As a referral partner, we make that happen with more than just the most comprehensive marketing materials available in the referral marketplace. We’re also available for referral coaching, problem solving, and regularly update you with our informative Referral Partner Newsletter.

Even if your favorite restaurant won’t actually begin offering a free lunch any time soon, you can rest assured that becoming a VirtualPBX Referral Partner will be the best way to at least pay for an extra dessert. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Tech Talks- Warriors Basketball and 49ers Football

VirtualPBX Tech Talks Warriors Basketball

Jay Beck, Tech Support and Sports Almanac

We’ve been around for a long time and have collected some of the best minds from across several industries, and we think it’s high time they got their day in the spotlight. In this series of blogs we’ll be unearthing some of the technology and talent that power our hosted communications platform.

A narrow defeat for the San Jose Sharks in the Stanley Cup Finals, a rebuilding season for the San Francisco 49ers, and another record-setting year for the Golden State Warriors basketball team are all just a fraction of the sports knowledge that our very own Jay Beck from Customer Support brings to the table. Oh yeah, he also has years of experience solving highly technical and challenging customer problems in Silicon Valley, but we’re a whole lot more than just a bunch of telecom people, and Jay helps prove that more than anyone.

But what does Warriors Basketball really have to do with a hosted telecom company? An awful lot, really. The NBA has transcended national boundaries and run laps around its professional sports league peers specifically because of its adoption of and use of emerging technologies like social media. Now with international super stars like Steph Curry and LeBron James pitting it out for the NBA Championship, Warriors basketball, much like VirtualPBX, finds itself at the center of the biggest events in its field.

So Jay, when and how did you get your start as a Tech Support Agent?
I’ve been working with hardware and database systems in Silicon Valley for most of my life. At times I’ve focused on the world of laptop technology on both the sales and support sides and I’ve also done a lot of contract work for database management and integrity.

What prompted your transition into telecom?
Doing all of what I had in the past exposed me to all sorts of different areas and one that always keep me busy was with network connectivity. If you think about it, even though all of the hardware and software that we have today has been changing so rapidly for years, probably no other area has been so dramatically transformed as how we connect to and interact with the internet. Coincidentally, that’s probably the root source of a lot of the problems I get to help our customers solve on a daily basis, too.

Plus, I understand that your part of the unofficial VirtualPBX Incubator, yeah?
Ha! Yeah I guess so! I live with a few of the other guys from the company, all of whom either work in Dev Ops or Tech Support so it’s pretty handy for when we encounter a new or unique challenge, we have a strong brain-trust of experience in technology of all kinds to lean on. Plus we all have some gnarly competitive gaming sessions from time to time, so that doesn’t hurt, either!

Awesome. Backing up a second to what you said about networking, though, what about it comes into play in Tech Support so frequently?
VoIP has the potential to help businesses boost their communications, flexibility, and employee and customer satisfaction- and that’s great. Where I get to help is that VirtualPBX is unique in that we help educate people about how their VoIP relies on and is affected by their networks. Often times, when a customer encounters a problem they aren’t prepared to diagnose if it is with their telephone system or their network. And for the record, I’m proud to say it’s more often that it’s a network issue.

Great, it sounds like you have a strong sense of how to navigate through those problems. Is that something you’re interested in specifically?
You bet. I know that we’re only getting more and more connected each day so it’s totally reasonable to want to focus on learning as much about networking as possible. Plus, it’s part of my favorite thing to do here when a customer can call up being so frustrated about not knowing what’s wrong and I can help them isolate the issue and correct it. It feels good when people get off the phone in a much better mood than when they called.

I bet. Okay that’s about it but one more question, what’s your prediction for the rest of the NBA Finals?
Warriors basketball is all about “Strength in Numbers,” right? So that said, I think there’s going to be a repeat of the number of games from last year and I predict we win it all in game 6 on the road again. Of course, that said, I wouldn’t mind winning on home court should it go to game 7, either.

Jay and all of the other Tech Support experts from VirtualPBX are available for customers to call to help solve all their problems, day or night. Or, for those of you who would rather just debate who was the best Bay Area athlete of all time, Jay is all ears. For the record, I think he and I are both in the Jerry Rice camp, fyi.

Hit the Ground Running – Dash Unlimited

Dash UnlimitedWhenever you start a new endeavor, it’s important to set the expectations high and move forward at a strong pace in order to establish yourself quickly. This reminds me of how my grandfather who was an early Airborne Infantryman in the US Army always used to talk about “hitting the ground running.” Whenever he and his fellow soldiers were to land in a new area, they never knew exactly what to expect they’d encounter so the one thing that was certain was that moving quickly right after they touched down was going to be an important part of having a safe and successful mission. The same philosophy exists for business, too, especially whenever you’re dealing with a totally new product or entering into a new market.

Dash’s New Horizons

While our new business phone system isn’t in a new market or industry, it is making waves as a VoIP platform like what nobody has seen before. Dash’s clean and intuitive user interface does take it into uncharted territory for the telecom industry and, because that is like landing into a new theatre of operations, we need to keep pressing forward.

Fortunately, where we’re going next is a result of the wonderful response to what Dash brings to the table. By designing a hosted business phone system for employees all across the flowchart, and not just for the IT pros and engineers, we’ve tapped into something that the market has been starving for. In response to the overwhelmingly positive feedback Dash has gotten, including being named the 2016 TMC and Internet Telephony Product of the Year, we’re introducing Dash Unlimited, the all new way to get unlimited access to the first business phone system that is made for everyone.

Dash Unlimited

Since introducing Dash Unlimited, companies no longer need to worry about going over a pooled amount of minutes. Unlike like when a child gets a phone for the first time and then the whole family plan is at risk of losing their proportional share of data use, Dash Unlimited lets each one of your team members use their business phone the way you need them to for success. Your business phone is the single most important line of communication between you and your customers, and the last thing you want is for it to be compromised by constantly bumping up against restrictive minute thresholds or having to throttle your use to avoid costly overages.

Introducing Dash Unlimited Features

Sometimes when we realize we are getting more of a good thing, our reaction is to question where we’re losing out to keep things balanced. Well even the most cynical of us will find that Dash Unlimited comes with all of the same award-winning business phone features and functionality of the most powerful and modern business phone system on the market. Furthermore, for even the most skeptical, we are offering a 30-day money back guarantee, too. That’s right, we’re offering the same in-house support, the same powerful suite of options, unlimited customization, and unparalleled commitment to service that Dash has always come with, only now you get a limitless amount of minutes plus the confidence of our guarantee to do business the way you need to.

We were busy for a long time in building the Dash platform to be what it is, and by remaining just as committed to it even since we’ve launched it, we’re able to continue bringing more enhancements to Dash users like unlimited minutes. With all of the power of an enterprise telephone system, the cleanest and simplest interface in the game, and now with unlimited minutes, Dash Unlimited lets you hit the ground running with your business, too.

Sign up for a free demo of Dash Unlimited today and see what the fuss is all about.

Infographic – Spring Cleaning Your Communications

Even though some of the erratic weather patterns we have would suggest otherwise, it is actually springtime. That means a lot of things, but most notably that it’s time to think about some of that eponymous cleaning frenzy that we all know so well. If you’re anything like the millions of businesses still struggling to justify the headaches and expenses of a traditional, on-site PBX phone system, you have a few extra things to tidy up. Take a look at these spring cleaning tips for your business communications and learn what a clean, streamlined business phone system like Dash can do for you.Spring Cleaning Business Communications

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