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Business Phone NumberA virtual business phone number is the same as a standard telephone number that allows businesses to stay in touch with their customers. Virtual business phone numbers can help promote your business by providing a convenient way for your customers to reach you. The difference between a standard business phone number and a virtual business phone number is that you can easily manage call routing settings and features like Auto Attendant and Custom Greetings yourself right from your web portal in real-time.

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All business phone plans from VirtualPBX include at least one local or toll-free phone number at signup as well as the ability to add new phone numbers in seconds via the Dash Web Portal. You may also transfer (port) your existing numbers to VirtualPBX for free. Phone number services include:

  • Local Numbers: Choose from hundreds of thousands of local numbers in your community or build your presence in new markets.
  • Vanity and Toll Free Numbers: The credibility boosting options are endless, but include true 1-800 Numbers and 866, 877, and 888, too.
  • International Numbers: Buy numbers in over 40 countries, including Mexico and the United Kingdom.
  • DID Numbers: Direct Inbound Dial Numbers are numbers that bypass any queue or receptionist and go directly to any desk you want. This is great for a direct line to critical suppliers, high-profile clients, or even just for an emergency family line.
  • Multiple Main Numbers: Perfect for segmenting call traffic by promotion, need, or any number of company-specific criteria.
  • DNIS Numbers: Dialed Number Identification Service numbers are the secret weapons for businesses looking to maximize the impact of their promotional and advertising efforts. By tagging telephone numbers with info that connects them to the intent of the caller, your agents have the power to wow your customers right out of the gate.

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