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VoIP Softphones – The New Power Tie

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VoIP Softphones – The New Power Tie

VoIP Softphones - The New Power TieEvery job has its one must-have piece of equipment. It may be an artist’s brush, a referee’s whistle, or even a food critic’s antacid tablet, but some jobs would just be completely different (if even accomplishable at all) without a single, pivotal artifact. One such icon of costume finery that was a mainstay of every aspiring or legitimate powerbroker’s closet was the power tie. While the often red, definitely silky, and possibly paisley or jacquard tie was ubiquitous in board meetings and on sales calls for decades, the days of the power tie are most definitely numbered.

Not only are important meetings no longer attended exclusively by people who wear ties, unfortunately for businesses that rely heavily on necktie fashion as success indicators, data and service seem to be taking the top spot these days. Necktie fashion companies notwithstanding, of course. The natural response for any craftsman who is about to find himself without one of his most trusted pieces of equipment is to start looking for a replacement. Fortunately for every would-be Gordon Gecko, the next big thing is already here and with much more value.

VoIP Softphones- A Modern Business Essential

Likening the power tie’s relevance to the infamous character of the 1987 blockbuster, Wall Street, might not have been too far off at one point. Unfortunately, now the power tie is less like the multi-billion dollar mega investor of yesteryear and more like that enormous brick of a cell phone that he used in the movie; a little stale. Softphones, however, are the same tool that kept the one percent of the one percent in the game 24-hours a day but at prices that make them accessible for any of the world’s most cost-conscious business leaders.

By hosting the telephone calls that they handle over the internet and not on costly, outdated, and static copper wiring, VoIP Softphones can deliver crystal-clear audio with a battery of features for a fraction of the cost.

How VoIP Softphones Work –

  • By using the data connection through a cable or wireless internet connection, they emulate the intuitive keypad and interface you recognize from a mobile phone.
  • Your clients and co-workers call your business phone number they way they normally would while you have the freedom to use your cellphone, tablet, or computer.
  • By being free of wired systems, VoIP Softphones can transfer in and out of networks that are not connected to a physical office building.
  • The limitless portability and functionality of a hosted phone system means that, with a Softphone, business can travel with an employee to anywhere in the world.
  • Installation, configuration, and upkeep take a fraction of the time and for pennies on the dollar over traditional phone systems and handsets.

Why spend a couple hundred dollars on an expensive piece of clothing that looks silly when you wear it too often when you can invest pennies each day to stay ahead of your competition? Because lets face it, fashion comes and goes but style is forever, and when it comes to running a company, profitability is always a good look.

The best thing about a VoIP Softphone is that getting started with using them is simple. Signing up for a complete guided tour of the functionality of a Softphone and how it can save your company time and money is the best way to get started.

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