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Why Vanity Numbers are Worth Their Weight in Gold

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Why Vanity Numbers are Worth Their Weight in Gold

Gold bars -- Why Vanity Numbers are Worth Their Weight in GoldA vanity number is an alpha-numeric telephone number containing a word or phrase which is memorable and usually defines their corporate identity.  Some companies such as 1-800-FLOWERS and 1-800-PET-MEDS build their company around their business defining vanity numbers.

In today’s world, vanity numbers have become extremely common among business owners. Once only associated with big corporations, vanity numbers are now readily available to businesses of all sizes on any of our Business Phone Plans.

But what are the benefits of owning a vanity number and does your business need one?

Vanity Numbers Are Easy to Remember

One of the main benefits to having a vanity number is they are easy to remember.

Switching a phone number from random numbers to words allows people to make memorable connections with that phone number and your business, therefore increasing the chance it will remain in their long-term memory.

The number of the flowers store listed above works well because you can make an easy mental connection between the number (1-800-FLOWERS) to the business name (1-800-Flowers) to the business identity (a flower retailer). When you want to buy flowers for a friend, it’s likely that the business name here will immediately come to mind.

They Utilize Human Psychology to Great Effect

The best vanity numbers help you pair something you don’t know with something you do. In the case of the flowers retailer, its vanity number helps you pair the common format of a toll-free number, the 1-800, with the real business that can provide a good or service you need.

The best way to transfer incoming information into long-term memory is to link, associate, or connect the incoming information with something in your memory which is meaningful. Here you already have the meaningful 1-800 ready to recall at a moment’s notice. The addition of the “FLOWERS” digits simply tacks additional information to what you already know.

Only one business at a time could grab the 1-800-FLOWERS number for its own use, so this is a rare case. However, your own business doesn’t need to be titled exactly like its phone number to achieve the same effect. Any catchy phrase or statement could be used against the backdrop of a toll-free prefix and lead to your business that has a related, but original name.

What you ultimately achieve is the effect of reducing the amount of data that’s necessary to remember to reach your business. Customers won’t have to to process from seven unique digits; they only need to remember a single word or phrase. This makes memorizing the number quick and easy and thus people are much more likely to call that number when they need your service.

This Leads to Free Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Memorable vanity numbers can also help you generate more business by increasing the times that customers pass along your brand name or phone number.

Studies show that a good vanity number can increase word of mouth advertising by as much as 200%; the percentage of return customers is even higher. The free advertising you gain from person-to-person sharing can easily pay for the small investment in purchasing a vanity number because it can reach many more people your advertising campaigns might never meet.

It Leaves a Lasting Legacy

Finally, consider that a great vanity number can establish your brand as a leader in your market and leave a lasting impression with current and future customers.

When the 1-800-FLOWERS brand became associated with its phone number, it had the pressure to live up to being the most recognized competitor in its field. Vanity numbers are often associated with established national corporations, so whether or not your business matches that demographic, you may be perceived as having an aura of “bigger and stronger” than the competition.

It’s important to pay attention to that reality because it can place pressures on your company. A great vanity number may make you look larger than life. Therefore, your sales and customer service will need to meet that calling.

Consider Vanity Numbers for Your Business

Overall, if you are interested in increasing your potential customer base, securing your reputation, and letting people know you are a true professional, you should consider getting a vanity number for your business.

Our Unlimited Minutes Plans start you out with 3 to 15 included phone numbers. We make it easy to secure the vanity numbers you want with the appropriate phrasing you desire, alongside local numbers in your preferred area codes. We’re a quick online chat away — ready 24/7 for your call.

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