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3 Reasons Businesses Choose ‘Phone Systems of the Future’

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3 Reasons Businesses Choose ‘Phone Systems of the Future’

When it comes to PBX phone systems, the future is now. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is becoming more and more popular in business settings due to the lower start-up and maintenance costs and increased number of unique features. Businesses can save on extra call costs by paying one monthly fee for an Internet phone number that will be a dedicated local number. The company can also ensure that phone calls are not missed when members of staff leave the office, because the local number can be reached at any time, as long as the smart phone or computer is online.

So why exactly are VoIP phones becoming more common than traditional business voip-telephones?

Lower Costs
VoIP phones allow businesses to save 40%-80% on monthly phone costs. A good VoIP provider will offer free phones as well, allowing you to save even more on startup costs. There is typically no charge for long distance calls anywhere in the continental US and Canada so if you find your business paying a lot for long distance phone calls, you can end up saving hundreds of dollars a month with VoIP. By finding the plan that’s right for you, you can ensure your business is saving money with VoIP.

Better Features
Aside from the money-saving benefits, another top reason businesses are switching to VoIP is the variety of added features that you simply cannot have with a traditional business phone system. Great features include including professional greetings, music on hold, custom auto-attendant, fax with no fax machine, TrueACD queuing, call recording, conferencing, and more.

Easy Setup
When you choose a well-known and top-rated VoIP provider, you can rest assured setup will be easy and hassle-free. All you need to do is add your phones and simply plug them into your internet connection – they are usually pre-configured to set themselves up as soon as they’re connected.

These are just a few reason businesses are switching PBX phone systems. By finding a VoIP provider you can trust, you can rely on quality and reliability, meaning you don’t have to worry about downtime.

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