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Zapier Webinar First in New VirtualPBX Webinar Series

Zapier Integrations Webinar

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Zapier Webinar First in New VirtualPBX Webinar Series

Getting Back to Basics

Zapier WebinarVirtualPBX is all about launches this month, and in keeping with that momentum, we are introducing our new webinar series, “VirtualPBX Feature Showcase!” These webinars will support current customers of VirtualPBX on VoIP basics, how-to’s, and best practices. They will also include demos of new features and updates, giving you a closer peek behind the curtains and inside the minds of the VirtualPBX teams.

Do More, Get More: Zapier Webinar

Our flagship episode kicks off this February 2nd with “Getting Started with Zapier Integrations.” For those who aren’t quite sure how Zapier can work to make your business life more manageable, never fear. This Zapier webinar will break down and outline four main features to help your business and team communicate more efficiently.

First things first, the Zapier integration lets you connect your VirtualPBX account to your favorite business apps. Customers can easily use software like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Slack, Trello, and Google Sheets to log call data, notify team members about inbound calls, and create timely reports.

The Nitty Gritty

Now time to get down to what is getting covered. Don’t worry. We will be giving examples below to power up that knowledge bank. Let us show you how these Zapier integrations can help. Like automating your reports, balancing out notifications, streamlining workflows, and leveling up communication processes with a work log.

Building Reports:

Sending Call Data over to Google Sheets

Zapier Webinar: VirtualPBX and Google Sheets


Having a Call Center Agent update their status in Slack

Zapier Webinar: VirtualPBX and Slack


How to create tasks to follow up on missed calls

Zapier Webinar: Pipedrive


Using SMS to send out appointment reminders

Zapier Webinar: Using SMS Zapier

Join Us for Our Zapier Webinar on February 2nd!

Webinars are cool, so don’t miss out on learning about better business solutions. Circle that calendar and register for “VirtualPBX Feature Showcase: Getting Started with Zapier Integrations” on Wednesday, February 2nd at 1 PM Pacific!

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