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Free Fax Cover Sheet Template

Yes, faxes are still a staple of business operations. And yes, we have you covered… literally.

We’ve built a Free Fax Cover Sheet and a Free Fax Cover Sheet (with Headline) for you to edit, download, and use any way you like. We prefer that you fax it.

With the Electronic Fax feature included in every Business Phone System account, this cover sheet lets you put the last piece of the faxing puzzle in place.

free fax cover sheet

Free Fax Cover Sheet

free fax cover sheet template

Free Fax Cover Sheet Template

How to Download and Customize the Template

You can edit the cover sheet in Google Docs to personalize it before downloading.

Edit the Cover Sheet

  1. Open either Cover Sheet above by clicking the link or image. (Google Docs will open.)
  2. Navigate to File -> Make a Copy…, and click OK. (Your copy will open in a new tab.)
  3. Edit your Name, Phone Number, and other information in the copied version.
  4. Download per the instructions below.

Download the Cover Sheet

  1. Click “File”, select “Download as”, and choose the .pdf file format.
  2. Add the downloaded file as the first page of the next electronic fax you send.
  3. Or print the file for the next paper fax you send.

With the Dash Phone System Email-to-Fax Feature, you can send faxes from any email client. You just send an email with the attached document directly to Dash.

Free Fax Cover Sheet Assistance

If you need further help using our templates, you can contact our Customer Support Team 24 hours a day. We’ll help you get your cover sheet ready or set up your VirtualPBX Email to Fax service to send your next fax.