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Business App Integrations Extend Phone System Functionality

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Business App Integrations Extend Phone System Functionality

VirtualPBX Phone System Uses Business App IntegrationsOne of the most important aspects of the VirtualPBX Phone System is its extensibility through business apps – what we refer to as integrations in our website.

Business integrations are ways our Phone Plans interact with other enterprise applications you may be familiar with. Our integrations pair with Salesforce for CRM management, Amazon AWS for file storage, and Zapier for data sharing and task automation.

Salesforce CRM Integration

Salesforce CRM Integration ScreenshotThe VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone can link directly to a customer’s Salesforce account and make it easy for them to contact their own customers and leads.

Contacts held within a Salesforce account can be clicked to automatically dial their phone number through the VirtualPBX Softphone. The click-to-call feature lets sales persons stay on task and concentrate on nurturing leads, not worrying about transferring from one business app to another.

Inbound calls to a VirtualPBX account can also be managed through the VirtualPBX Softphone as it interacts with Salesforce. If a caller isn’t already in the customers’ Salesforce database, that call can be saved as a lead; and if the lead already exists, the caller’s saved information will display on screen so the business has a head start on the conversation.

Amazon AWS Integration

VirtualPBX AWS Integration Dashboard ScreenshotIntegration with other business apps wouldn’t be complete without a link to Amazon AWS.

Our phone system can sync with Amazon in a number of ways. The VirtualPBX Amazon AWS Integration is able to store call recordings, faxes, and voicemails in place of that data being stored on VirtualPBX servers.

Although we provide data storage for all these types of files, it can be advantageous for customers to use their AWS accounts instead because it may give them more control over their data. Our customers can choose to store all their call recordings, faxes, and voicemails in AWS or pick and choose which types of data to send to AWS.

Once an AWS account has been linked, all of those types of files will be sent to Amazon and never stored at VirtualPBX. We further explain how this works and how it brings us closer to HIPAA compliance in a previous blog post. Our Advanced and Enterprise phone plans have access to AWS Integration at no additional charge within the phone plan.

Zapier Integration

VirtualPBX Zapier Integration Get Started ButtonFor our customers on any VirtualPBX Phone Plan, the Zapier business app is always accessible through our integration.

Zapier offers a free plan for anyone to get started. With that and other paid plans, customers can link their VirtualPBX accounts to automate tasks like creating Slack notifications or logging calls in a Google Sheet.

Zapier links web apps together. We have created the VirtualPBX App that recognizes when calls are created and voicemails are saved, and when its linked inside a customer account, those actions can trigger events in other apps. As just one example, a Slack notification could alert a Sales team that a voicemail has been left on a specific user’s voicemail box.

The VirtualPBX team uses Zapier every day to automate tasks that affect its Sales and Marketing teams. We know the platform well, and we’re happy to have a business app of our own inside that service to better assist our own customers.

Use Business App Integrations to Your Advantage

Our Product Roadmap offers a look at what the future of the VirtualPBX Phone System will resemble. At one time, integration with business apps from Salesforce, Amazon, and Zapier were on that list. They became a reality because our Dash phone platform is so flexible.

We’re able to make advances with these and other companies by building out our phone system to purposefully interact with other services. Your business uses a range of web apps to manage all your data; we hope our efforts to keep your data streamlined make your work easier and your calls more powerful.

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