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You’re Not Seeing Double – Excellence Award

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You’re Not Seeing Double – Excellence Award

IT-Excellence_15No, this isn’t a mistake- we are thrilled to announce that we’ve won another INTERNET TELEPHONY Excellence Award! To be recognized by industry experts who have been around as long as TMC & INTERNET TELEPHONY have is an incredible honor, to have it happen twice is unbelievable. But yes, believe it, lightning is striking again!

Distinction of Service

Of course, all awards are nice to receive, but just like we were extra thrilled to be recognized in the past for our commitment to service, the story behind this award is extra special, too. That’s because this award represents just one of the thousands of stories we are proud to be a part of. INKIRK is a client of ours who was, like many small businesses, under fairly tight budgetary constraints and was tired of getting sub-par service for their money. We don’t think that a smaller business is ever a reason to give anything less than our best, and neither did INKIRK.

After talking with them for just a short while, our sales team was able to put together a comprehensive telecommunications plan that was on par with services they previously thought was well out of their price range, and all for a fee that was well within their budget. We are only able to keep driving our innovation to new heights because of INKIRK and companies like them. You can rest assured that as long as we are given the opportunity to serve you, we’re going to do everything in our power to exceed what you previously thought was possible. And with our variety of flexible ways to pay for your service, it’s almost impossible to not find the right plan for you.

However, we’re here all the time and would love to show you what we can do, so give us a call whenever you are ready to experience the same, award-winning service for yourself.

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