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Enhancing Safety with Blue Light Phones: Introducing AirDial by VirtualPBX

blue light phones

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Enhancing Safety with Blue Light Phones: Introducing AirDial by VirtualPBX

Ensuring safety in public spaces is paramount. One of the cornerstones of public safety is the presence of emergency phones, often recognized by their distinctive blue lights. However, not all emergency phones feature this iconic blue light. In fact, there are various types of emergency phones serving different purposes. In this blog, we delve into the realm of blue light phones and introduce AirDial by VirtualPBX, a revolutionary solution for enhancing emergency communication.

The Importance of Emergency Communication

In 1986, the murder of Lehigh University freshman Jeanne Clery raised awareness for the lack of emergency communication devices in the pre-cell phone era. In emergencies, every second counts. Having reliable communication channels can mean the difference between swift assistance and potential harm. That’s where emergency communication devices come in.

blue light phones

Understanding Blue Light Phones

Blue light phones, often found in public areas such as campuses, parking lots, and urban streets, are designed to provide a direct line of communication to emergency services. For example, the University of Southern California utilizes blue phones to connect callers to the Department of Public Safety, a 24/7 contact center. These phones are easily identifiable by their prominent blue lights, serving as beacons of safety in times of distress. However, it’s essential to note that not all emergency phones feature a blue light. Some may rely on other indicators or simply blend into their surroundings.

Urgent Action Is Needed For Blue Light Phones

Despite the FCC’s decision to sunset regulations on POTS lines, organizations still rely on them for blue light phones and other emergency phone types, making it crucial for them to take action now to avoid disruptions in their emergency communication systems. AirDial, a cutting-edge POTS Line replacement service offered by VirtualPBX, seamlessly integrates with various types of emergency phones, ensuring that help is just a call away whether it’s a hospital, campus security station, parking garage, or remote trailhead. Switching to AirDial not only enhances emergency communication capabilities but also brings cost savings and eliminates concerns about increased costs, limited support, and reduced reliability associated with traditional POTS lines.

Why Choose AirDial?

Compatibility: AirDial is compatible with a wide range of emergency phone systems, making it a versatile solution for diverse environments.

Reliability: With AirDial, you can count on reliable communication channels, even in challenging conditions or during power outages.

Easy Integration: Implementing AirDial is hassle-free, thanks to its seamless integration process. Whether you’re upgrading existing infrastructure or setting up new emergency phones, AirDial fits right in.

Secure Your Emergency Communication with AirDial

Ready to elevate your emergency communication capabilities? Don’t wait until it’s too late. Ensure the safety of your premises and the people within them by implementing AirDial by VirtualPBX. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a demo.

In conclusion, while blue light phones serve as symbols of safety, it’s essential to recognize that emergency communication goes beyond just the presence of a blue light. With AirDial, you can enhance the effectiveness and reliability of your emergency communication infrastructure, ensuring peace of mind for yourself and those you protect.

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