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Multiple Numbers

Multiple NumbersJerry’s Lube Stop service station is taking off and he wants to expand into neighboring states but wants to keep the same local, trustworthy reputation that has been so important to his success. Jerry leverages new local telephone numbers for all of his new locations and each is still managed in the same Dash interface he already uses.

You can add phone numbers to your account and you manage them all from the Main Business Number portion of the Dash interface. Adding numbers to your account is a great strategy for most businesses that are expanding into new markets, have franchise relationships, or want to differentiate the customer service experience of your callers right from the start.You can use multiple numbers for a wide variety of reason that includes:

Multiple Numbers

Phone Number Lookup

Is there a specific location or phone number you are on the hunt for? See if we have that number available in our handy phone number lookup feature!

Phone Number Lookup

Multiple Auto Attendants

Multiple Auto Attendants allow customers to reach multiple departments to make sure they are both talking to the right person and also avoiding a longer wait time to reach an operator. Here are just a few benefits you can enjoy when using this new feature:

  • Optimize telecommuting
  • Decrease both hold and call times
  • Personalize caller’s experience with bill pay or customized notifications

Sign Up and Get Multiple Business Numbers

Managing multiple numbers doesn’t mean that you need them to always be in new areas outside of your office’s immediate community, however. If you want sequential numbers to use when your business grows but aren’t quite there yet, you can find them and set them aside in your account for a later date. Also, DID numbers are direct lines to critical team members for invaluable contacts plus DNIS numbers are inventive ways to leverage promotions and can even be recycled for later use as well. No matter what your business needs are, VirtualPBX helps you meet them with multiple telephone numbers.

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Learn more in our Adding a Main Number Support Guide.