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VirtualPBX™ Receives Basex Excellence Award


VirtualPBX™ Receives Basex Excellence Award

SAN JOSE, Calif. – May 20, 2003 – Communications service provider Virtual PBX®, Inc. was presented with a Basex Excellence Award (“Basey”) yesterday at the Basex conference, The New Workplace: Leveraging Organizational Productivity, being held May 18-20 in San Diego.

Sponsored by New York-based research and consulting firm Basex, Inc., the conference focused on new ways of doing business in the 21st century and recognized leaders in specific markets who have achieved “industry-leading and all-around excellence” for a product or service. The “Basey” Award was awarded to Virtual PBX® for its VirtualPBX® hosted communications solution and PBX Parachute which Basex recognized “as the leading online private branch exchange system and telecom disaster recovery system.”

According to Basex, VirtualPBX® can be designed to mirror mission-critical operations from premises-based PBXes such as call center operation and voice mail. In case of a PBX failure, PBX Parachute™ uses alternate phone numbers to present the same extension numbering plan to outside callers as the original system. Jonathan B. Spira, Basex’ CEO and Chief Analyst, commented that “VirtualPBX® has led the development of combining the telephone and the Internet and, in doing so, is creating a new market for online PBXes.”

The New Workplace: Leveraging Organizational Productivity featured business leaders from organizations including American Express, IBM, Factiva, Fossil, Lufthansa German Airlines, Marsh & McLennan, Sapient, W.R. Grace, Xerox, and others. Additional companies honored with a Basey include Imaginatik, SiteScape, Factiva and ePeople, each of which Basex analysts agreed exemplify the types of products which have broken new ground in the Knowledge Management or Community industries and point the way to the future.

Virtual PBX®, Inc. was founded in 1997. As a pioneer in the hosted communications market, the company first introduced its “VirtualPBX” service in 1997. The VirtualPBX®; service provides all the sophisticated phone capabilities of a large company phone system without the disadvantage of having to buy, install and maintain a PBX system on site. More information on VirtualPBX® can be found at VirtualPBX® and PBXParachute are registered trademarks of Virtual PBX®, Inc.

Basex helps companies become more responsive, connected and profitable. They are the recognized experts in Collaborative Business Knowledge, the intersection of content, knowledge and collaboration within the enterprise. The company has a 20-year track record of accurate research and visionary analysis that drives its clients to make the right technology decisions for their business. More information on Basex can be found at

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