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VirtualPBX Announces Addition of Send SMS Action in Zapier

VirtualPBX, developer of business phone plans that offer voice, video, and texting, announced today that its Zapier Integration now supports the Send SMS action so businesses can deliver text messages through Zapier to their customers and colleagues.

How Zapier Automation Works

Zapier helps businesses transfer digital information from one online application to another by using workflows called zaps. Zaps work by waiting for a trigger event and reacting to the event with one or multiple actions. VirtualPBX customers can use the VirtualPBX Zapier Integration as a trigger for events such as Call Received and New Voicemail, and as a result of this latest announcement, customers can also use the integration as an action with Send SMS.

Sending an SMS message from a VirtualPBX account takes place in a zap by linking the Business SMS feature of a customer’s Business Phone Plan to the automation capabilities of Zapier. All customers able to use the Business SMS feature can send an unlimited number of text messages to their contacts; their zaps allow them to send messages in a programmatic way.

Zapier Workflow With VirtualPBX App and Send SMS Action

Usage of the VirtualPBX Zapier Integration

Inbound call data can be automatically logged in a spreadsheet, appended to a chat channel, or synced with a CRM by using the appropriate zap. For example, information about a recently-recorded voicemail can be transferred to a Slack channel created specifically to notify a sales team. Using the VirtualPBX Integration in this way – as a trigger for a zap – helps businesses stay abreast of activity that needs immediate attention.

Using the VirtualPBX Integration as an action can help a business become aware of changes that take place throughout a workday. As an example, when a customer account is created in its Salesforce CRM, a business could have that event trigger a zap that sends a text to the members of the account. Congratulations may be in order, or the text could act as a method of keeping remote teams abreast of team members’ activities.

VirtualPBX Send SMS Action in Zapier

Linked to the VirtualPBX API

Behind the scenes, the VirtualPBX API drives the connections between its Zapier app and the information in a customer’s account. VirtualPBX’s Dash platform that runs its phone plans is extensible through the API. Therefore customers can expect further additions to come to the Zapier app as new features are released in phone plans.

Interested businesses can speak to the VirtualPBX team to learn more about the Business SMS feature and the automation capabilities of Zapier. Support lines are open 24/7, and a Free Demo can be scheduled with a member of the VirtualPBX sales team to gain a personalized look at the phone system in action.

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